Need To Upgrade Your Safety And Security? Get A Modular Guard Shack Fast


No matter if you are starting a new business site or upgrading an old one, you'll need to be sure that security is in place. Building a guard shack doesn't have to be expensive or difficult when you purchase a modular system. Modular designs make it easy to start small and add on as your needs grow. Most security stations are located outside of the main structure and when you choose a modular exterior building, your security team will be up-and-running in no time flat.

What Modular Construction IsToll Booth

Modular construction is fast because buildings are constructed under controlled conditions within a factory environment. They use the same materials as traditional construction methods and meet the same building codes. Individual modules are engineered to be solid and strong and an entire building can be assembled onsite by joining them together.

Advantages Of Modular Buildings

Since the modules are made in a factory with solid quality control measures in place, the overall quality of modular buildings is higher than traditionally built homes. There is less waste during the construction phase since materials can be used in future projects and the overall cost is much lower. As modular construction has come of age, architects and builders work with increased sophistication to deliver buildings tailored for the location and purpose.

Requirements For A Workable Guard Shack

Exterior guard houses should be durable to withstand the weather and well insulated to keep the weather outside of the structure in order to keep the elements away from the computers used for surveillance. Many companies opt to include a bullet proof exterior to provide an extra layer of protection. If the installation is temporary, a modular guard shack can be purchased that can be simply relocated when the job is done. Each area has different building codes. In most cases, the standard design for a guard booth will meet or exceed those codes. Since modular buildings are easily altered, it is vital that planning for special needs be started early in the process. Most companies find that standard models fit their needs without any additional work.

Expanding The Modular Guard Booth

Like most modular buildings, guard booths can be expanded for additional needs either before installation or many years later. This is the beauty of modular construction. These structures are built with modification in mind.

Ballistic Guard HouseTax And Financial Advantages To Purchasing A Modular Guard Booth vs. A Traditional Structure

Tax law is on your side when you purchase a modular building. Modular buildings are eligible for a quick depreciation schedule since they aren't considered real property. If your business moves from area to area, you'll be able to reuse the building by simply dismantling it and shipping it to a new location. Larger operations can mix and match to build to custom design guard shack buildings without additional monetary outlay.

Pre-Assembly Or Build On Site

Most customers purchase guard booths that are completely built. All that is required in this case it preparation of the ground and electrical and internet hookups. However, if the project is larger, it is possible to assemble the building on site. The process is quick and simple and the modular building will be ready for occupation in short order.

Who Purchases Guard Houses?

Customers range from oil refineries to major manufacturers of large and small goods. They are built to withstand extreme conditions and are suitable for mining and oil exploration operations in remote areas. Since they are so strong, they can withstand strong winds and fierce weather conditions. Buildings can be modified with extra steel reinforcement when the environment is particularly hostile. If your company is expanding or looking to upgrade its security environment click here for more information. You will find information about the product line and the technical specifications you need to make an informed decision. Panel Built has been around since 1995 and has built a solid reputation in the field. They listen carefully to customers' needs and work out creative solutions to deliver the best solution. Learn more here about how Panel Built can help you improve your business with modular buildings designed with security in mind.