Panel Built: Creating the Guard House That’s Right For You


Guard booths have been a staple in security dating all the way back to the 18th century. Then, these shacks were used as places for sentries to eat and sleep in between their active duty times. It was also where they would be on call if needed throughout the day. In fact, the first guard booth was found in the Fortress of Louisbourg. There, they had five of these buildings in total. Typically, guard booths would have furnishings like benches, tables, shelves, a platform bed, fireplace and stove. As time went on, guard booths have completely evolved. Today, there’s no better place to turn to for your building needs than Panel Built. This company will deliver you quality service and a guard booth that won’t disappoint.

Who We Are

Guard-HousePanel Built is known as the “new generation in modular buildings, enclosures and mezzanines”. Since being founded in 1995 by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan, this company has experienced top-of-the-line success for our work. We are a leading manufacture when it comes to these types of buildings. Today, we offer an entire line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, pre-assembled and exterior buildings.  Everything we produce is made on site, in two of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. While our products have changed over time, our customer service hasn’t. It has and will always be our mission to make our customers happy. Your service means everything to us, which is why we always put our clients first. Unlike other companies, we are not out to make a quick profit. We know how tight money is nowadays, which is why we keep our rates affordable. We are completely behind everything we sell and are confident that you will love what you receive. Also, don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard. We are here to serve you and actually thrive on your questions, comments and concerns. It is through your feedback that we can keep making our company stronger.

Our Products

Guard HouseAll of our Panel Built modular offices and mezzanines are 100% movable and expandable. If for whatever reason, you decide that you no longer need the building, it can easily be removed. Modular offices may also be transferred to a new location, with no trouble. While these buildings are made to withstand long periods of time and countless conditions, they are not permanent. This is seen as a positive quality to many people. These pre-manufactured buildings offer a great flexibility that other structures can’t provide. However, a common misconception is that because the buildings have the ability to move, they aren’t strong and steady. This is far from the truth. Modular buildings deliver the same durability that any other building would. Our light-weight, portable structural panels meet all military specifications and surpass most national building codes and OSHA requirements. There are no major differences between traditional buildings and modular buildings. Every customer that we service gets a warranty with their building. This even includes those who order a guard house from us. Our workmanship is of the highest quality, so we completely stand behind our products. We truly appreciate you spending your money and time with us. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, contact us. We will make sure to work out any problems or issues that may arise. You deserve to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Contact Us Today

Our representatives are here around the clock to address any and all of your questions. Even if you just need advice on what kind of modular building is right for you, we are happy to help. We will provide you with creative solutions that stay within your budget, for all your situations. Panel Built understands that customer service is crucial to a company. It is the true foundation of any successful business. That is why we will always take your needs into consideration and come up with a structure that works best for you.  Don’t allow companies to blow you off, you should end up with a product that you want. Our representatives offer years of experience and expertise that you cannot find with any other modular building company. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. Panel Built will walk you through every step of your project. Don’t waste your time and energy on anywhere else. Come to a business that will deliver you exactly what you want the first time around. Trust us; you will be saving yourself a headache. At Panel Built, we offer a bunch of financing options, so that this experience is as inexpensive as possible. When you call us at 1800-636-3873, one of our team representatives will explain everything to you in detail. Now is the time to get started. Make sure to visit us here today.