Portable Guard Houses - The First Line of Defense


Panel Built prefabricated guardhouseA large business tends to deal with sensitive information. It’s not hard to end up with rivals that would love to see some of your more secret documents, or to have less desirable people hoping to steal some of your supplies. Whatever the cause, it’s always a good idea to have some security on your property, in order to have a watchful eye. Security guards are great for making sure that there’s no one there that shouldn’t be, and can help limit the chance of a crime being committed on your property. However, a security guard expected to watch a parking lot, or maintain a watch over one specific area shouldn’t be forced to stand for 8 hours in one spot. That’s why Panel Built offers portable guardhouses as the first line of defense in a company.

Why a Portable Guard House?

A security guard that doesn’t wander the property ends up having to stay in one spot. Unfortunately, that can be difficult and boring when relegated to one little stool in the corner. It also leaves the guard exposed, unable to protect himself should someone dangerous try to break in. A portable guardhouse can provide him some refuge, a cooler area to stay in the hot days, and access to a telephone that might not be immediately visible to an intruder. External guardhouses can mean all the difference in the summer and winter, when the elements begin to wage war against your guards. A guardhouse can help protect the guard from the sun and rain, as well as keep them safe from a storm while they’re doing their job. Internal guardhouses allow a guard a refuge from a loud warehouse, and can give them a safe place for them to fill out their paperwork and keep an eye on everyone.

Why Panel Built?

When thinking of providing security with a secure place to work, why would you think of us? After all, companies offering guardhouses are a dime a dozen. Panel Built is the cream of the crop, offering exterior and interior guard shacks in five various sizes, and all ready to go. They can be delivered right to your door, ready to hook up and use! We also offer a custom line of guard shacks, if you decide you wish for something more elaborate or specific. Our guardhouses are also built to code, meaning that your local building codes are upheld, and you’re safe from any litigation that might come from a poorly built guard shack. Our work is always backed up by our Panel Built warranty, and is made with the highest quality materials we can get a hold of. We utilize our assembly lines for maximum efficiency, and can get you what you need in a fraction of the time it’d take for you to contract a builder for on site construction.

What We Offer

Our guardhouses have all sorts of various bells and whistles, all of which only add to the safety of your guard and your business. We offer external guardhouses and guard towers, open or enclosed, and make them in nearly any size you could want. Don’t find the one you want in our catalogue? Contact us, and we’ll make a custom guardhouse just for your needs. Panel Built prefabricated guardhouseAll of our guardhouses are built with carbon steel or stainless steel, in order to make your guardhouse last as long as it can and provide the most protection. However, if you feel you’re at a higher risk, we also offer ballistic protection additions, and the ability to make the guardhouses more secure. We maximize the visibility for your guard without forcing him to risk himself, and help you maintain a professional secure look. Change the exterior color of the tower to match your own buildings, and pick and choose what comes already installed with the tower. With Panel Built, you’re able to build your guardhouse to your design, rather than deal with whatever you’re given and hoping for the best. Only Panel Built can give you the flexibility you need at the price you want. Our quality is unmatched, and our prices are more than competitive. We strive to give you exactly what you want without forcing you to sell a few children to afford it. We’re always ready for your ideas, and will work with you to find the perfect guard booth for your company’s needs. With Panel Built, you’ll get the security you’ve been waiting for, all for one price. No worrying about building codes, who is going to build the house, who is going to install the wiring, or whatever else may come with trying to build a guard house from scratch. Choose a Panel Built prefabricated guardhouse, and get the protection your company deserves. Contact us today to start your order!