Portable Guard Shacks Online


Benefits of portable guard shacks

trailer-mounted-guardboothA portable guard shack can be a very valuable asset to all guards. The ability to move a stationed booth around is a luxury not a lot of guards have. When there is a designated area that needs to be monitored you won't have to stand around for hours any longer. Guards can simple set up their booth at the new location and they are good to go. This is a fairly new tool available to guards, but it is quickly growing in popularity. So be a part of the change and get portable guard shack. How to order portable guard shack It is not hard to order a new shack. To get our portable guard shack online all you have to do is go to our Request a Quote page and place an order. You can also call to give the company details directly. That means you do not have to spend a lot of time worrying about going somewhere to purchase the booth. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the booth to come to your company. The booths are shipped at our earliest convenience, and they reach their destination as soon as possible. All of our customers are surprised at how fast their booths get to them and are happy once they arrive. How easy are guard booths to move? Portable guard booths are easy to move with a heavy duty vehicle such as a truck. When you have a truck that can tow other vehicles around it can most likely tow a portable guard booth. To determine whether or not a particular vehicle can tow a portable guard booth you want to know its weight. Then, look up how much your vehicle can tow. If it appears that your vehicle can tow the booth then you should not have a problem moving it. Rest assured there are smaller booths that can be moved with a few strong people. Be careful when attempting to move these types of booths, and do not do so unless you're absolutely confident it can be done. Types of portable guard booths There are small and big guard booths. The smaller ones are usually tiny squares that can fit in one guard. Bigger booths are primarily rectangle shaped and can hold a few people as well as a desk at once. Refer to our catalog to learn more about the guard booths available. We also have the dimensions for the booths. Share the information you learn with anyone else that may be interested in the guard booths we have available. Also, when you get your booth make sure that you send us a picture to show us how it looks. We may even feature you on one of our social media outlets so that others can see just how much fun you're having with your new booth. Guard BoothBest office use There is no restriction on the type of office that can accept one of our booths. That is because we have so many different types almost any office can put one of our booths to use. It does not take a lot of space to fit in one of our booths. You will not find booths from other guard shack companies online at such an affordable price, or that will arrive in a short period of time. So make sure that you do what it takes to order your guard booth in a short amount of time and things should work out for you and all of the members on your team. Your security staff will be especially appreciative of the booths. The new booths will most likely even promote productivity for everyone on your team. Why portable guard booths? All of the booths ordered are ready for use. There is no assembly required, so you can get straight to action right away. Few companies sell booths that are ready for installation. This works to your benefit since you can easily use the guard booth on your own without having to hire a crew to get it together. Order a new booth today and it will be shipped in a short amount of time. Now your guards will feel secure keeping an eye on things in their new portable guard booth