Portable Mezzanine Module


Panel Built mezzanine Panel Built Modular Building Systems specializes in building transferable structures customized to our clients' needs. Our mezzanines have both the advantages inherent to all mezzanines as well as the unique benefits of modular structures. A mezzanine is an elevated floor above the main floor, like a balcony built inside of a room rather than projecting outside. They can also function as walkways or observation platforms. They allow workers to work on projects from different levels without the need for ladders. Mezzanines are excellent for expanding a building’s floor space because they eliminate the need to build additional floors by using existing space instead. They may be installed over existing processes to maximize floor space while minimizing lateral growth. With all this, they allow property owners to convert thin air into productive space. A portable mezzanine module offers the benefits of a traditional mezzanine without several of its disadvantages. They are cheaper than traditional mezzanines and often last longer because their parts can be removed and replaced in pieces rather than requiring the entire structure to be remodeled. They are just as sturdy as their non-modular counterparts. Their versatility is unmatched – they can be easily rearranged, expanded or moved according to seasonal projects or the expansion of your business. Using multiple mezzanines on top of one another, connected by stairwells in fire-escape form, can allow workers easy access to different parts of large projects. We design each of our mezzanines according to our clients’ individual needs. You can find space for storage, workers and fully furnished offices. This can be done while conforming to modern fire codes and business regulations as your area requires. There is a mezzanine to aid in every large construction project and every factory setting and we are confident that we can make a mezzanine work for you.

The Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular mezzanines share many of their advantages with all modular constructions. Modules are movable, interchangeable structures. They can be moved or removed according to need, removing the need to remodel entirely for different major projects. They are like puzzle pieces which you can rearrange according to your specific needs while maintaining the advantages of non-module structures. Modules are reusable. Our durable modules require relatively little maintenance, saving you the cost of repainting, exterior repairs and other costs. They can be moved to be used on projects in other parts of your property and can be moved back when needed. They can also stay in the same place for many years if required. If you use the same company for all your modules, the modules will provide a consistent appearance throughout your property. Should you move them around or add more modules as you expand, the different modules will have the same design, allowing a pleasant consistent aesthetic as you grow, instead of distracting changes between modules. For companies with special interest in the cleanliness of their facilities, such as laboratories, food processing plants and factories producing sensitive machinery, modular construction is the clear choice. Pre-assembled modules create minimum dust and debris, far less than other construction methods, allowing your industry to continue as soon as possible. Aside from mezzanines, we also construct high-grade cleanrooms for nanotechnology and biological experiments, so we know what it means when we talk about cleanliness. Lastly, our modules are environmentally friendly and tax efficient. There are several awards and point systems for companies that reduce waste. Our modules meet environmental standards, so your use of Panel Built modules will help preserve the planet while helping your business at the same time. Also, our economic modules return your investment an average of more than four times faster than traditional constructions and last a long time, providing useful tax benefits to your company. We can integrate all the rooms we design with mezzanine structures if needed, allowing for multi-story offices within your building with the flexibility that modules provide.

The Excellence of Panel Built’s Work and Service

portable mezzanine modulePanel Built has been a leading name in modular building solutions for 14 years. Our factory-trained distributor network ensures a fast, quality installation of your mezzanine in your facility. This network also offers local support and assistance for each of our products for the end user. We want to ensure that every Panel Built client receives the same quality that they expect from the Panel Built name. Our architects and engineers will work with you to create a system fitted to your needs. Their skills and experience will produce the finest product possible in according to your specifications. We can work with both your existing space and your business schedule. Our installation services are minimally disruptive and in many cases, the work at your facility may proceed without a hitch while your module is being assembled and installed. The professionals at Panel Built will not leave you disappointed. Our years of experience have taught us about every facet of installation and construction. We can help you with the required permits and in knowing the ins and outs of a project such as this one. Our job is to make sure that you’re satisfied with your module and we intend to do that at every turn and at every step of the process. For more information about how modular mezzanines and our other modules have helped our clients’ businesses, look at our Case Studies. They provide in-depth data on how a Panel Built mezzanine can work for you and those that work with you. Our products overcome challenges faced by a wide variety of businesses.