Prefabricated Booths: Applications & Functions


As a modular construction company, sometimes customers expect 'cookie-cutter' buildings with each building required to have the same specifications, layout, and dimensions as the next. While some booth providers do operate within very strict design limitations, this does NOT apply Panel Built's modular structures. Because Panel Built services a wide range of industries from the US military to theme parks to airports and more, our prefabricated booths are required to be highly flexible in design, able to incorporate an array of different windows, doors, lighting, access control, HVAC, and other security options. This is because each of our booths has a different application and function. Traditionally, most people will think one of our one-person, 4'x6' booths as a security booth or guard booth. However, with a few minor tweaks to their design, these booths act much more. In this post, we will go over some of the many different applications and functions our prefabricated booths are used for.

Parking Booths

Toll Booth Panel Built's parking booths actually are one of the prefabricated booth options that probably act most similarly to guard booths.  These buildings are usually found at the entrance of parking lots or parking decks, housing one attendant.  The booths are generally equipped with a sliding glass window on one or both sides so the attendant can interact with customers and provide tickets, change, etc.  What's unique about Panel Built's parking booths is that we can adapt our building design to integrate a ticket machine into the booth. The buildings generally have a stainless steel countertop to act as a workstation for lever-arm controls to be installed.  Like all of our booths, Panel Built parking booths can include an HVAC system, providing heating and air to the building to ensure the attendant's comfort.

Cashier Booths

Stadium Cashier Booth Panel Built cashier booths can operate similarly to parking booths except they will generally interact with customers while they are outside of their car.  These buildings are used in a wide variety of big-box retailers, whenever a portion of their store/offerings are stored outside, and the store wants to create a transaction point there, for example, a lawn or gardening area.  This makes the trip more convenient for consumers that are only visiting the store for those particular items and it creates a convenient exit point since this area is typically far away from the rest of the cashiers.   The booth provides protection for the cashier and the electronics inside against the outside elements, whether that would be rain, snow, heat, or cold.  Because these buildings house electronics and cash money, Panel Built cashier booths can be equipped with security shudders, allowing for the transaction window to be completely closed off in case of a threat or when the booth is unoccupied. 

Ticket Booths

Prefab Ticket Booth

Prefabricated ticket booths can oftentimes look similar to cashier booths.  The one main difference would be the type of window used for the transaction.  Because the only thing bought and sold are tickets, a teller window will oftentimes be preferred for the booth's design.  This creates a barrier between the cashier and customer, while still allowing them to transfer their money and tickets.  Especially in the current sociological climate with COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone's decision making, this physical barrier has become necessary for many cashiers to operate safely.  Additionally, these transaction windows or teller windows incorporate a 'speak-through' into the windowpane so the customer and cashier can still easily communicate with one another.  

Screening Booths

Screening Booth With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Panel Built began a mission to adapt our booths further to help our customers adapt their workspace to help make it more safe and secure.  One of the primary ways that companies have begun to protect their workers from the virus has been by installing a temperature checking station at the entrances of their facilities.  These are places where employees can have their temperatures taken via a touchless, infrared thermometer to ensure they do not have an elevated temperature, a symptom of coronavirus.  To help facilitate this process, many companies install a temporary screening booth at this checkpoint to help ensure the employee inside is able to operate in a comfortable environment away from the elements.  Additionally, Panel Built has designed a booth specifically for outdoor virus testing locations.  This is a single person booth with a large front-facing plexiglass window with gloveports, allowing for the safe testing of potential COVID-positive behind a barrier. 

Equipment Booths

Equipment Booth Unlike our other booths on this list, equipment booths are not made primarily for the use of people (as you might have guessed), and as such have a different look and design.  Although they are used to house different equipment and machinery, their primary function is actually similar to the other booths in our list because they act to create a calm and controlled environment for which the equipment can operate. In many cases, this involved keeping a constant, steady temperature inside the booth via HVAC.  Alternatively, they can also be used to keep dust/debris away from the equipment or to lower the amount of noise given off from the equipment.  Reducing noise pollution can be very important for exterior pumps/generators that are located by hospitals, schools, apartments, etc. because of government noise pollution laws.  To accomplish this, Panel Built can incorporate sound-deadening materials into their wall panels to trap more of the noise inside.

Overall, these are just a select few of the prefabricated booth applications that Panel Built has created.  No matter what the function, we at Panel Built will do our best to adapt our building system to best fit your facility's needs.  As our mission states, our goal is "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service" and providing a highly flexible building system is one of the many ways we accomplish this goal.  If you have any questions about our Prefabricated Booths, or if you have a unique Prefab Booth Project and would like to use our building systems to bring it to life, give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.  We have a fast-acting and responsive sales team that delivers fast & accurate free quotes for all of our projects.  

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