Prefabricated Modular Buildings Work for You


With the rising cost of construction and people spending a little less money, it can be difficult to afford a remodel, let alone an addition of extra space to your property. But, adding usable space to your business property doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, when you choose to install a prefabricated modular building, you will save money. Purchasing industrial modular buildings is a great way to save money on a quality structure that will last a long time. When you are running a business, it may feel like there is never enough time or money to get everything you need to do, done. When you need to extra space for your employees, there are options that allow you to save space time and money. Modular buildings offer several benefits including:

Prefabricated Modular Buildings are Cheaper

Our prefabricated modular buildings can be customized to fit the needs of your business. The modular designs allow us to use the same pieces to create different structures. This not only reduces the time it takes to create your building, it also saves you money because it doesn’t cost as much to produce. Modular units are designed to use the same parts for each building. This means we create one mold and can use it multiple times, because it costs us less to create your building you pay less. But, a benefit of this type of unit is the ability to rearrange and create custom structures which means your unit can be designed to create the type of space you want and need. When you are concerned about space, convenience and money modular building systems are a great way to meet your needs with the space you have, on a budget you can afford, in the time you need it. Our modular units can be rearranged and changed to accommodate different layouts and sizes so that you can make whatever space you have, work for you.

Panel Build Metal Buildings offer Security

At Panel Built we offer the best available metal buildings online. With over a decade in the industry we have mastered the art of creating high quality structures that provide security and stability. We know that you want a building that will not only look good, but stand up to weather and repeated use. No matter what industry you work in from farming to manufacturing, you need a reliable building that will protect your equipment. Your panel built metal building is a great investment for ensuring that your property is safe and secure. When you purchase metal buildings by Panel Built, you are purchasing a high quality product that is designed to withstand travel. This extra security means that your unit will be stable and reliable when installed. Our steel structures are particularly durable and withstand changing climates well. This means less maintenance for you. Steel doesn’t warp and isn’t flammable. This means your items are safe from most natural elements and you can rest easy knowing that once your structure is in place there is very little you have to do to keep it in tip-top shape.

You get what you need 

The benefit of metal modular buildings over traditional structures are significant. While traditional structures are great for some uses, using prefabricated structures are ideal for industrial circumstances because they offer a no (or little) frills option that is functional and affordable. Sometimes simplicity pays for itself with convenience, durability and affordability. Why pay for features you don’t need? With our prefabricated structures you pay for the space you need. If you want or need additional features, we can include them. Our professional technicians are on hand to help customize your steel building to meet your exact needs. Let us help create the perfect structure for your company. We offer extra features on most of our units including HVAC systems, customizable windows and doors and lighting options. Some units can even be customized for a different look or color. You truly can create a workspace that is pleasing to look at and fully functional. However, you can also choose to keep it as simple as you want. If all you need is four walls and a roof, we’re happy to oblige. Your unit, your call.

We offer options 

Each business has a unique set of needs. We understand that your company isn’t cookie cutter, which is why we provide different options for our modular units. While we use the same parts for each unit, to help reduce costs, we can easily modify existing designs to help create a space that’s uniquely yours. Whether you need the building to store farm equipment, house security personnel or to act as an outpost for a construction site, we have what you need. A few of the modular units we offer include:
  • Guard Shacks
  • Steel Barns
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Classroom facilities
  • Steel church buildings
Each of our units can transported directly to your site nearly complete. The units can be transferred by forklift and installed, with little to no assistance from you. Because your building is designed to travel, it could be moved to another location if necessary. Some units you purchase may require assembly. But, we are always available to assist or complete the assembly if needed. To learn more about the type of different modular units we offer, contact our customer service line at 800.636.3873 or visit our website.