Protect Your Assets with a Fire Rated Modular Building


Prefabricated modular buildingsPrefabricated modular buildings are proving to be a convenient asset in the business and storage world.  It is a quick and easy way to expand office and/or retail space, create wall partitions, establish a security station, utilize as a server room, or even set up a clean room.  Panel Built is a new generation of modular buildings, enclosures, and mezzanines.  These military and industrial-grade prefabricated modular buildings are available in standard and custom options including one, two, and even three-story options.

Our History

Panel Built was funded in 1995 by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan and began with the construction of pre-manufactured buildings.  Today the company offers a complete line of modular structures including offices, mezzanines, and exterior buildings.  All products are produced on-site at Panel Built’s two modern manufacturing facilities in Blairsville, GA.  We are proud to be a world-class manufacturer who believes in total customer satisfaction.  We take pride in listening to the needs of our clients and providing solutions not only within their needs but also within their budgets.

Our Products

Our modular offices and mezzanines are 100% expandable and relocatable.  The core of our building quality is matchless strength and durability while being lightweight and very portable.  In fact, our structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed not only most national building codes but also OSHA requirements.  Panel Built has a dedicated sales team to provide free confidential quotes and even CAD drawings to help get your project started.  Our customer service and shipping and installation departments work in unison to answer any questions about a quote, order, freight options, or product changes. Our products include interior and exterior building, mezzanines, ladder and stair systems, and barrier and safety rails.  One of Panel Built’s biggest sellers is our American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Certified 1 Hour Fire Rated modular buildings.  These structures are favored by military and commercial customers due to their specially-designed sandwich panel which consists of 5/8” Fire-Shield gypsum board with a mineral wool insulated core.  These panels are held in place with galvanized steel studs and secured with 20-gauge steel channel.

Fire-Rated Buildings

To receive the 1 Hour Fire Rating, these buildings were tested by a certified independent laboratory and the results met the ASTM Method E119-00a Fire Test for a fire endurance rating of 60 minutes.  Basically, the panels are blasted with flames for one hour followed with a blast from a fire hose.  The wall must remain intact to receive the 1 Hour Fire Rating, and these structures meet the punishing standards.  Fire test reports are available for download on our Website if you would like to review this information. Fire-Rated BuildingsFor additional options we offer Class A and non-combustible panels.  Class A panels have a polystyrene core with vinyl-covered gypsum board.  These panels are tested with an open flame and the measurements are based on fuel contribution, smoke developed, and how the flame spreads.  Additional coverings such as steel are available as an alternative to vinyl.  Our non-combustible panels are made of gypsum-covered mineral wool.  They can be laminated together with an adhesive and do not require a steel skin.  They are a great option when an insurance company requires more than Class A panels and are tested using the same methods.  When One Hour Fire Rated is not required but Class A is insufficient, contact us about our “hybrid” panel. One can see how a Panel Built fire-rated modular building can be extremely beneficial.  If you are looking to physically expand your office space you have a portable and expandable structure you can put your company’s most important assets in with piece of mind.  The building might house fireproof file cabinets with critical documents or your business computer servers and IT infrastructure.  They also make excellent security stations to protect expensive surveillance equipment.  Preservation of this equipment and footage can reveal the cause of fire damage if it is ever sustained making an investigation much easier. For comprehensive technical data on all of our products, a photo gallery, and to browse our complete catalog, have a look at our website where you can also join the Panel Built mailing list.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email or give us a call at 800-636-3873.  You can also find out how to find a rep, become a Panel Built Dealer, or complete a credit application on our user-friendly page.  No matter what your needs or specifications, we can find the perfect solution.  We can also show you the tax benefits of modular construction using solid numbers that will directly affect each customer.  So if you are in the market for a structural expansion, especially a fire-rated one, contact Panel Built today for the space you need and options you want.