Putting A Contemporary Spin on Your Modular Office Space


At Panel Built, our modular offices are frequently used in industrial spaces. However, when you picture an industrial office space in your head, it's probably not going to look like the inside of a Google campus. Which is fair. When we think of industrial space, we tend to associate it with an area filled with dirt, grime, smog, dust, metal shavings, you name it. But this does not have to be the case for your industrial office space. And we would like to help!

How Can Panel Built Help You Create a More Stylish Modular Office Space?

contemporary office space
Sleek Office Furniture Added to a Panel Built Modular Office

First, Don't Be Afraid to Look Outside Our Standard Panel Options...

Panel Built has been in the modular office industry for nearly a quarter of a century, and in the time, the industry has focused it's modular office colors around three primary color options & textures: white, gray, and champagne speckled, vinyl covered gypsum. Now, these three colors can be versatile and fit into a large number of office types, but for someone looking to create their own contemporary style office, they might not have the sleek edge that you're looking. However, there's no need to worry; Panel Built can outfit our composite wall panels with a variety of different surfaces and facings to perfectly tailor to your office's new look.

One of our most requested sleek panel options is our Glossy Black.

Modular Offices
Panel Built's Project of the Month for March 2019

Pictured above, you can see one of our recently completed modular offices that features our Glossy Black Aluminum panel finish that was recently showcased as Panel Built's Project of the Month for March of this year.  This project was coordinated through one of our longtime dealers Lou Iordanou and the architectural design firm, MPdL Studios.  And don't let the stylish nature of the building fool you, this was still very much an industrial application, installed into a wire and rod metal forming company. 

However... there are other aspects to this project's panels that helps add to the contemporary style as well...

This building has two sides that face outward towards the rest of the manufacturing facility.  And on those two walls are filled with windows that look out into the facility.  However, these windows are even bigger than Panel Built's standard window size of 36" x 48".  These windows are an additional 30" Longer, consisting of the majority of the panels.

So how does this create a contemporary office space? 

More and more often contemporary designers and architects are trying to incorporate a more open style of building.  This openness helps to give the illusion of a bigger and far less confined office area than what most people are accustomed to. The open facing allows for employees and supervisors to have a clear view out into their facility, while still working within a comfortable and controlled environment. 

Modular Lodgings
Another sleek, black modular office design; A winner of a World of Modular Award of Distinction

See: /blog/modular-building-institute-awards-of-distinction/

Most Importantly, Your Office is What You Make It!

Overall, Panel Built can provide you with a sleek and stylish modular office building that will easily impress any employees and guests that you bring into your facility.  But if you're going to make the office space your own and you really want to style it up, a lot of emphasis needs to be placed on the furniture style and decor you place inside the building.  

For example, we have the two-story modular building above.  While this building was installed into an airplane hangar instead of an industrial facility, the same concepts still apply.  The building uses our glossy black panels, HUGE windows on the top floor so guests can see out into the hangar (maybe more importantly their jets), but perhaps most importantly, they were not afraid to add their own flair to the building's interior. 

Modular-Living-Room Modular-Kitchen Modular-Barracks Modular-Game-Room

Modular Jet Hangar Office
The Jet's a Pretty Neat Accessory Too

Of course, this is not a conventional office space, and it is much more frequently used for company events and pilot lodgings (although having a breakroom with ping-pong and a pool table would be pretty cool). However, the point still stands that ultimately, the interior design can make or break the overall feeling of the space. This can include the furniture of the office or even the interior decorations hanging from the walls.

One of the main goals of offering this type of work environment to employees is that it can instill in them a sense of pride in their workspace which will extend to the company in and of itself. It provides them with an area that they can be happy to show off to their friends, family, and new employees. And when new people come to interview for a position, they can be confident that this is a place that they want to work for, and one that takes care of its employees.

This Conference Room Embraces its Industrial Environment with Gear Decals on the Windows

So, if you are interested in freshening up your company's industrial office space with a little more of a contemporary spin, just give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to info@panelbuilt.com, or say hello in our LiveChat feature at the bottom right of the page! We're always more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have!