Save Business Space with In-Plant Offices


Are you expanding your business and require more space? If so, an in plant office is a practical and affordable way to get the most out of your currently available space that will otherwise stay unused. At Panel Built, we can help you use the space at your premises more efficiently and hence save on the cost of doing business. As your business expands, you do not need to rent out external offices for additional storage space. Going for an in plant office will help you save on costs. We have been supplying storage products for over 15 years and design modular building systems such as powder coating booths, clean rooms, and mezzanines and in plant offices.

Why Go for an In Plant Office?

Modular in plant offices are a perfect alternative to conventional constructed enclosed spaces in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. By installing a modular office, you will not only save space, but also the cost of renting out additional storage space. Installation of modular in plant offices is fast since all the materials are pre-fabricated. There is no painting, sanding or taping needed. Panel Built uses materials that are strong and durable. This is the core of our building quality. Our light-weight and highly portable panels meet all military specifications and exceed most OSHA and national building codes specifications. Modular offices can also be easily changed. You can move them from one location in your warehouse to another, or pack and move them to a different plant. The offices are flexible and can be adjusted in size to fit your needs. You can add a mezzanine to lift the office up high, or stack one unit on top of another. Most of the materials we use to build the offices are reusable. Click here to learn more about our in plant offices. Modular offices are durable and require low maintenance. Most of our panels are impact and mar resistant. Noise is taken care of by our Fire and Sound panels. For buildings constructed in the outdoors, such as security shacks and smoking shelters, we can add roofs onto them. By using Panel Built’s modular offices, you will significantly reduce your business’ costs. There are no engineering or architectural fees. Moreover, you will not have to pay property tax since the offices are considered movable equipment. Another tax advantage that you will enjoy is related to depreciation. Unlike conventional buildings that depreciate over 39 years, modular in plant offices depreciate over seven years.

Get the Perfect Modular Inplant Office

Modular offices are cost effective and easy to move around. You can use them for any reason that you see fit. For example, we can install the offices to be used as retail stores, laboratories, classrooms, storage areas, workstations, executive offices and other users. Moreover, the buildings can be fully equipped with doors, windows, interior walls, carpet, heating and air conditioners and electricity to serve you exactly as you need them. Installing a modular office is just like adding a new building for your business, but without incurring huge costs.

Apart from installing, Panel Built can also help you get the right furniture that will help you get the most out of your modular office space. It is advisable to plan the layout for your modular office furniture. Like is the case with any office, you will want to maximize on the space with the right furniture that will leave enough space for other required equipment and for movement of people. For example, you can have your workstation be a computer desk, storage area and filing cabinet all in one. By providing one of these for each person working in the in plant office, you will be eliminating the need for excess furniture, thus leaving the office more room to allow free movement of people. Panel Built has over 15 years experience in designing, building and installing in plant offices. We have worked with numerous companies in diverse fields. Some of the projects we regularly undertake include storage shelving projects, and installation of wall storage systems, modular drawers and pallet racks.  Regardless of the size of organization or the industry that you are in, we have something for you. There is no project that is too large or small for us. One of the things that sets us apart from our competition is our structurally stable and outstanding design of in plant offices and other modular buildings. We are committed to excellence and see every project from start to finish. Join the growing number of companies that have discovered how to reduce their operational costs through in-plant office systems that are moveable, attractive and highly functional.