Making School Building Projects Easy with Modular Construction


School Guard BoothAs a school system grows, a variety of building projects can arise to accommodate its new needs. And with a growing school population, classrooms are not the only spaces in need. Over our 25 years in the modular construction industry, Panel Built has worked on school modular building projects all across the United States, including many with our local school system in Union County, Georgia.  

From project to project, we have learned that public school systems generally operate under similar basic principles as most government agencies when deciding to purchase. They need a solution that will solve their needs, but they oftentimes must choose the most affordable option. We take this into account whenever dealing with a school system, providing them with a building solution that is efficiently designed, looks good, and won't break your budget.  

But, of course, this isn't the only issue schools face when dealing with a new project. With traditional construction methods, completing a project can seemingly take forever, including tons of heavy machinery, material waste, and traffic throughout the campus. All of this commotion can wreak havoc on a campus, typically limiting any construction to the summer months. However, when dealing with modular construction, the majority of the construction process is taken care of off-site.  


What does this mean for you? 


Panel Built's prefabricated buildings ensure a fast and easy installation for your new building project. In fact, we even offer pre-assembled buildings that are delivered to the project site ready-to-go! All that is left is to off-load the building from the flat-bed truck, place it in its final location, hook it into a power source, and you're all finished! There aren't many other construction projects that are as easy as that!

Here are are some of the main areas in which Panel Built structures are implemented in school systems...

School Athletics

Over the past two decades, school athletic programs have been on the rise across the board with many systems introducing new competitive sports for both boys and girls teams. With the creation of these new teams, comes the need for places for them to play, places to practice, and places for fans to enjoy the games. And all of these things require a variety of buildings and structures.

Panel Built's pre-assembled buildings offer the perfect solution for a variety of these needs. For example, look at a typical baseball complex. A variety of small buildings are incorporated in the layout of the facility, including press boxes, ticket booths, and even equipment buildings, and Panel Built has unique designs for each of these building types. By utilizing a prefabricated design, a sports team could instantly upgrade their facilities, even in the middle of the season, by installing a pre-assembled building to help people enjoy the game!

School Security

School Guard Booths
4'x6' School Security Booth With Rock Facade & Traffic Arm

Security has been a growing emphasis on school systems of all types. With student protection always being the top priority, education executives are always looking for the best way to ensure their campuses are as safe as possible. With this comes our most popular buildings for school systems, guard booths. In the majority of these projects, Panel Built works with the school system to help them create a guard booth that acts as an access control point at the perimeter of their campus. At this access control point, a campus security official can personally greet each vehicle entering and exiting the campus to ensure they're permitted within the facility.

However, Panel Built's prefabricated guard booths not only act as an access control point but can also function as its own security hub. Although the buildings are prefabricated, they can still have a variety of security tools incorporated into the building design. Some of the most frequent requests we receive when designing school security booths include exterior security lights, traffic lights, security cameras, and a fully functioning desktop for CCTV monitoring and laptop workspace. With these additional instruments, the security officer can not only control traffic flow but also keep an eye on other areas of the school during the school day.

Like our athletic buildings, the buildings can be delivered to your campus fully assembled. However, this doesn't mean the buildings cannot be customized to your liking! While we do offer a standard version of our security booths, all of our buildings are fabricated 100% to customer specifications. We will be sure to tailor it to meet your campus's specific needs.

School Administration

Panel Built's modular construction capabilities go far beyond that of pre-assembled buildings! We fabricate a complete line on interior buildings formed from our modular wall system. Using our binder-post connected wall panels, we can provide you with additional office space for your school's administrative needs as well!

For example, at our local school system, we have worked on a number of different projects that have allowed them to create more offices in previously underutilized spaces.  Take the video below for example...

The school was able to conveniently and affordably erect the modular wall system in no time.  Not only that, but the vinyl-covered gypsum walls panels match the current color and aesthetic of the room, ensuring the new wall system does not look 'out of place.'  And thanks to the semi-permanent nature of our modular walls, if the school system decides they no longer need the wall there, they can easily uninstall the walls and re-use them in another application.

School Maintenance & Storage

Steel MezzanineJust like any facility, a lot of work goes into keeping the school running day to day. And, as a school system grows, the storage space they require will grow as well. Increasing the amount of storage space can be difficult, and oftentimes leads to cluttered storage areas or items left in unfavorable conditions. However, Panel Built offers a way for schools to increase their current storage space without having to add on to their building.

In addition to our prefabricated buildings, Panel Built designs, fabricates, and installs modular mezzanine platforms as well. With our bolt-together steel design, Panel Built storage mezzanines offer a convenient way for schools to increase their useable space with minimal on-site disruption. Available in both interior and exterior designs, Panel Built mezzanines are custom-designed to meet your specific space needs. Mezzanine systems afrequently requested to

At Panel Built, school systems are one of our favorite customers to have. We always look forward to providing valuable space solutions for use by our country's teachers, students, and educational administrators. And we feel it is the least we can do as education professionals give so much to ensure the bright future of our children.  

From campus safety to school athletics, Panel Built has a variety of ways to provide fast and convenient building solutions for school systems of all shapes and sizes. As a modular construction provider for 25 years, our mission is, "Solving Our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service," and that is exactly what we strive to do on every project. So, if you have a school building project, be sure to let us know, and we will do everything we can to provide the best solution for you. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or you can ask us in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page. We're always happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.