School System Construction


As schools systems expand and new school buildings are being built, the demand for new school construction has been growing and growing.  Whether expanding a current facility or building a new facility altogether, modular construction can provide a few distinct advantages for developing schools.   For schools that are experiencing overcrowding, modular construction might be the best way to relieve their growing pains.  Since a school's campus typically cannot function as an educational facility and a construction site at the same time, any additions to the school will typically have to occur during the time off in the Summer.  However, sometimes the need for space appears quickly and traditional construction takes a ton of planning and work at the job site.  This type of construction can obviously be tough to fit into a school's tight schedule.  However, when utilizing modular construction, even if the school is aiming for a short time frame to get their new structure in, modular construction's short lead times allow them to meet deadlines and stay within their budget.   Modular Pressboxes Additionally, if the school system needs to add space during the school year, modular construction offers a safer job site with much less work on site.   Because when using modular construction 60%-95% of the total fabrication needed for the project is done in a modular construction manufacturing facility.  Whether the structure is delivered to the job site pre-assembled or assembled on site, the amount of machinery, workers, tools, and material waste will all typically be lower for a modular construction project.   Being able to add structures during the school year is a big plus for rapidly growing schools.  If they are in need of adding additional classrooms, building out office space, or boosting their school's security team, these projects can be installed in a very short amount of time and cause minimal disruption to the school system itself. Another plus is that these structures can be either permanent or temporary, meaning if they need to be relocated or reconfigured in the future, they are designed to make the process as easy as possible.  And if they are to be a permanent fixture at the school, they are  At Panel Built, we offer a wide range of products to help schools systems solve their space needs. 


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