Securing Your Residential or Commercial Business with a Guard Shack is a Beneficial Move


Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to a commercial business. There may be money, a great amount of inventory or even people that need to be secured on the premises. A guard shack allows security to observe the movement of the different areas around the premises to ensure that everything and everyone is kept safe. It is usually placed at the entrances of a checkpoint for a security guard to clear on what is allowed or not allowed in the area. A guard shack has a practical function to have a watchful eye over the premises with 24-hour surveillance by using security guards, security cameras or both. In a residential area, such as a gated community for apartments or homes, the guard shack increases security by only have residents go in and out of the area with a special key code or card. This gives residents a peace of mind in knowing that not everyone is allowed inside and that they are safe from potential harm. Commercial businesses and even public places such as a game stadium can be used in the same manner. When a guard shack is used in public places for an event, the security guard or person working the booth are only able to allow patrons to enter who have paid for tickets to the event.

Prefab Guard Shack Will Protect You on the First Day

prefab guard shack will have your security walls up and running the first day it is placed on the premises. The shacks are pre-assembled and are made of high quality steel. They also have optional features that will protect the security guard from the elements and keep him or her comfortable as they go through their daily tasks. These optional features may include:
  • Half-Glass or Solid Leaf Metal Door
  • Horizontal Sliding Window
  • Picture Window
  • Counter Top
  • Surface Mount Fluorescent Light 
  • Electric Load Center and Duplex Receptacles
  • Roof Mount HVAC
Once the prefab guard shack is placed in the area that will receive the most traffic or needs the most security, your employed security guard will be able to start working immediately to keep the premises secured. The shacks can be placed anywhere as singles all around or in groups to keep traffic and people flowing in and out with ease.

Versatility with a Panel Built Modular Guard Shack

Cheap Modular Guard Shacks Online A modular guard shack is versatile and can be customized for the various needs of a commercial business at an affordable price. These shacks are versatile because they do not have to be used just for security purposes. Many modular guard shack can be handles as a ticket booth, information stand or other simple uses that can provided to help customers have a guide through the area. They can also be used as a small headquarters within the perimeter of the area to give out daily assignments before the start of the day. It can have many capabilities as the owner chooses to use it. A modular guard shack is customizable because it can blend into the background with the current building and surroundings, or made to stand out to ensure that people and vehicles know where to stop first before proceeding further. Need the shack to be moved? No problem there. Panel Built has created these to be moved easily by using a forklift. Perfect for when a particular area needs to be closed off due to construction or other reasons and the checkpoints has to be on the other side of the building. It can also be moved to another location if needed.

Finding Cheap Modular Guard Shacks Online

It is not hard to find cheap modular guard shacks online, however, you want to find a business that will have great customer service, be able to answer all of your questions and provide all of the service that you are looking for added security of your own business or residence. Panel Built is the company that will definitely give you all of this and more. Just because there are cheap modular guard shacks online, not all of them will be built to last and to withstand daily usage. Panel Built will make sure that you are getting a great solid product at a low rate and one that will stay within your budget. We ensure that our modular guard shacks will not fail you and will continue to give you outstanding usage for many years to come. Contact us when you are ready to purchase your guard shack. We have been providing services to residential and commercial businesses since 1995. Our staff has years of experience in and out of the office to make sure that you receive the proper modular building for your area whether large or small. Contact us by phone at 1-800-636-3873. If you have any questions or concerns of our products, please do not hesitate to ask, as we will answer each of your questions. Please visit our website and view our catalog right online with descriptions and other information about our products that you can view quickly. We also provide a free quote and drawings of the type of modular building you are interested in or want to have help developing. Any inquiries we receive, we will return with a reply in a timely manner. We look forward to speaking with you and doing business here with Panel Built.