Security Booths to Meet Your Specific Security Needs


The importance of security for residential and commercial buildings cannot be taken lightly with the current threats to life and property of innocent civilians. The crime and burglary incidents are rising worldwide at an alarming rate. A proper security system cannot be coordinated without a security booth being installed in the premises where tight security is needed. A security booth is a small building which is used to house the security staff and equipment. Such a building can have multiple purposes than catering only to the security needs. It is helpful to welcome visitors to the office or residential premises. Also, this building should be a temporary construction, in order to move it to different locations, as and when, the need arise.  

Ā Specialized Companies that Construct Temporary Security Booths

Security BoothThe construction of such security houses should be done by companies that are specialized in handling such projects. There are companies that are experts in handling such pre-fabricated and pre-assembled buildings. These companies can provide the safest and most secure security houses to meet the specific needs of the customer. The welded steel panel construction with the usage of low maintenance, durable materials can assure the booth's longevity in many ways. Special features can be added in order to customize the security houses as per the requirement of the customer. Special windows, doors, extensions and pass-through passages could be added in lieu of the requirement of the customer. The base of the structure is normally lift-able by fork and crane. This would allow the booth to be placed in another location quite easily, which is an added advantage in having a panel-built security house. One of the companies that is in the forefront of manufacturing such temporary steel structures, is "Panel Built Inc".   Panel Built Inc. is a renowned company that manufactures pre-fabricated modular offices. Their products are world-class and have won many national and international awards for quality and durability. They will liaise with the client in manufacturing a customized security office that is within the customer's budget. The quality of the product is guaranteed and will not be compromised under any circumstances. A safe, rewarding and positive environment is provided to the client with 100% satisfaction in the final product. The company will stand behind their products by providing extensive warranties on their workmanship.  

High Quality Construction Material for Security Offices

  Security-BoothThe construction material used in manufacturing security booths are of the highest quality. High strength steel with powder coated finishes can withstand severe impacts and are ideal to prevent corrosion of the structure. Powder coated diamond metal floors, half-glass metal doors and flat roof metal panels with build-in gutters can be added as extra features as per the requirement of the client. Residents or commercial buildings that are placed in high security zones can order security houses with structural steel towers in order to increase visibility. They are available in four colors and five sizes. The security house can be made of bullet-proof material if that is the requirement of the client. The company can handle all such additions with ease due to their professionally and technically qualified staff strength and the latest equipment in the industry.   Express orders and requirements are handled with precision by the company. Sometimes, commercial and military establishments will require immediate building solutions in order to meet their urgent security needs. Such orders are pre-assembled in the factory and shipped directly to the site where installation is needed. It is in complete assembled condition, and the installation will be completed with precision by the company itself. There will always be a guarantee on the installation and the materials used in the construction. All these pre-assembled buildings have modular wiring with HVAC climate control systems.   These security houses are built in order to keep the security staff comfortable with the latest comforts in such offices. Comfort and security are the main parameters of manufacturing such modular houses by Panel Built Inc. The company specializes in all types of steel panel constructions that are of high quality and durability. Click here to meet all your security house needs with one of the best companies in the world.