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Service Writers Booth
Welded Steel, Pre-assembled Booth For Auto Service Writers

As a service writer, a primary goal is to ensure the best possible relationship between your customer and your company. By acting as an intermediary between the two, service writers are working to make sure their customers' needs are always being fulfilled, offering great customer service and product knowledge. For them, this means being able to respond to a customer's needs as soon as possible. On the other hand, when they are not working with a customer, service writers will spend most of their time figuring cost estimates, logging parts needed, developing future repair schedules, and much more. Working in these two contrasting roles, it is often tough to find an appropriate workspace to get both of these things done in.

The drive-up service bay acts as the most efficient and timely area for them to speak with their customers, being able to talk to them as soon as they pull into the dealership. However, there typically is not an area available nearby for them to accomplish the rest of their paperwork duties.

However, Panel Built, Inc. offers a solution, creating a controlled space for service writers to operate within while staying close to their customers...

Service Writer Booths

How does a Service Writer Booth Help your Company?

Prefabricated Ticket Booth in Gray

The primary goal of Panel Built booths is to offer the best possible space for your service writers to provide excellent customer service. The main way we accomplish this is to create a controlled, comfortable space for them to operate from. Although Panel Built modular buildings are completely prefabricated and pre-assembled at our modular construction facilities, we tailor each and every one of our projects to your specific needs. For automotive service writers, this means creating an area where you can work through the estimating and paperwork portion of your duties, while still being easily accessible to your customers.

With Panel Built, prefabricated booths we can offer you a fully climate-controlled environment with built-in amenities to help create the perfect space for you. Panel Built provides a full line of HVAC units in through-wall, roof-mounted, mini-split variants and more! Additionally, we provide a variety of door and window options to best fit your automotive service bay. For instance, for customers without a lot of additional space in their service area, we can provide sliding doors and windows, as to not swing out into the service area, allowing the booth to fully function within a tighter space.

Using a climate-controlled booth can also reduce costs for you down the road. With a service writer's booth, it removes the need of having a fully climate-controlled service area in your dealership, and by reducing this air-conditioned space, you reduce the power spent on HVAC. Beyond power savings, service writing away from the elements creates an environment where you can focus on their work at hand.

Stainless Steel Guard House

Panel Built service writer booths can incorporate a variety of different insulation and sound deadening material in order to provide the most comfortable workspace possible. The standard Panel Built exterior booth will consist of a 3" thick wall panel with steel skin facings and a polystyrene core. However, we can tailor this material combo to best fit your project's needs. For noise reduction, Panel Built can include additional sounded dampening board into the panel configuration in order to provide a calmer environment within the service writer booth. And, if you're looking to increase the R-Value (or insulation) in your building, we can offer a higher density insulation core to keep your hot air in and the coldness out.

In addition to keeping the cold out, a service writer booth is going to keep out a lot of the other pollutants out of their workspace as well. Dust, dirt, and the general grime that comes with the automotive industry can be greatly reduced by incorporating a service writer booth into your facility. Not only will this create a much cleaner area for the service writers to get work done, but it will also increase the usable life of their equipment. Computers do not do well in dirty, open-air environments, and Panel Built's prefabricated booths can help save money by increasing the longevity of your electronics as well.

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Why Go Prefabricated?

Panel Built has 25-years experience in the modular construction industry and the one benefit that we have found most valuable to our customers it the quickness and convenience of our buildings. As an automotive service provider, you can be working around the clock, all year long and cannot afford any excess downtime. This is the main reason companies come to Panel Built to get their jobs done as fast as possible. Using our modular construction techniques, we can fully fabricate and assemble your service writer booth in one of our modular construction facilities. That means when we deliver the building to your facility, it is ready to go. All that will be left is unloading off the flat-bed truck, forklifted into place, and hooked into an electrical supply. Then you can go to work. This ultimately allows our customers to receive a quick return on their investment and minimizes the amount of downtime at their dealership. And, perhaps most importantly, it eliminates the unsightly stick-built construction on-site.

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Highly Mobile & Relocatable Design

Plus, all of our service writer booths are fabricated in a specialized, modular construction facility. For each step in the manufacturing process, you can ensure that your booth is in the hands of an expert in their craft. Add in Panel Built's 25 years experience in the modular construction industry, and you have some of the highest quality controlled buildings in the industry.

And it is important to remember that prefabricated does not mean 'pre-designed.' Panel Built does offer some cookie-cutter buildings. Each one of our projects is specifically designed to meet your exact needs. Our Mission is "To Solve our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service." And that's what we aim to do with each and every project. Our service writer booths come in custom sizes, big enough to fit multiple employees, and can have built-in work stations included in the building's fabrication.

If you think a service writer booth would be a good fit for your automotive company or have any questions on our prefabricated booths, give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom right of the page!  We're more than happy to help with any inqueries or concerns you may have.