Take your Business to the Next Level with Modular Mezzanines


Modular MezzaninesMezzanines are impressive pieces of construction that people often don’t take into account in their plant or facility. Here at Panel Built, we pride ourselves in building low cost and highly durable products to help your business shine. How can a mezzanine help take your business to the next level? We understand it can seem impossible to count this piece of construction as an important part of your business, but it actually has many practical uses. People often wonder how in the world a modular mezzanine can be counted in their business. The truth of the matter is actually rather simple to understand, but brilliant. The mezzanine is great for turning vertical space into a productive work environment. The main problem many businesses face is having that extra room to expand or to free up more space as they grow. Traditional construction takes time, money, and resources some businesses just don’t have available. They face the same problem since they need the room, but need a cost effective solution to make more room too. The other reason may be that they need more room, but it doesn’t make sense to build an entirely new building just for some extra space. This is where the mezzanine comes in to play. Mezzanines have been used by many businesses to convert their vertical space into a productive work environment. There are retail stores who use a mezzanine for extra storage space to store their product. Plants and facilities have often used the space to build an office right in their main building since it’s more convenient.

How Have Mezzanines Been Used in the Past?

The mezzanine has been used in a variety of ways in the past. Here at Panel Built we’re more than happy to help our customers with whatever they need when it comes to their product. We have built custom mezzanines before to fit the needs of the customer so they get exactly what they ask for too. The way the mezzanine is used is only limited by how you can utilize it in the space provided. The mezzanine has been used as extra storage space for some businesses. When a business begins to grow, many times they have to move a great amount of product. The mezzanine is a great way to store that extra product without it cluttering the factory floor. One of the other ways is to have an office right in the main facility. Paperwork and payroll is a big part of business, and having a quiet space to work is vital. There are other people who have used the mezzanine as an observation platform to keep them safe above the factory floor too. Plants and facilities can often have a lot going on down below. This can mean heavy machinery being used, product being organized, or even just a truck coming in that has to be unloaded. This can make it hard to see what’s going on at the ground level since there’s so much going on below. The mezzanine provides a safe platform for an observer to see what’s going on below them without getting in the way.

Is the Mezzanine a Cost Effective Solution?

The mezzanine is indeed one of the best cost effective solutions out there for a business. Think about how much vertical space goes unused in buildings across the country. The space is there, but it’s completely unusable due to being vertical. Businesses end up having to pay out of pocket to expand when they’re only going to need more space later. The mezzanine provides them with a way to ‘expand’ by using the space they already own. It’s quick, easy, and above all saves them money too. Panel BuiltThe mezzanine is a great cost effective solution for many businesses. They’re versatile in their use and have been utilized to give companies many advantages. Vertical space is transformed into a productive work environment without the extra cost thrown in for an extra building. What’s not to love? Here at Panel Built, we believe in quality over quantity. We are always working hard towards improving our products for our customers. We understand you trust us to provide you with the best product money can buy. Our mezzanines are made out of low cost, low maintenance, and highly durable materials. When you purchase us, you know you’re getting the best cost effective solution for your business.