Using Temporary Walls To Quickly Adapt Your Workspace


Using Temporary Walls To Quickly Adapt Your Workspace
Temporary Walls are called by several different names depending on their composition and function - Modular walls, wall partitions, accordion walls, etc.  However, Panel Built's prefabricated wall system is one of the few 'temporary' wall systems that creates a traditional, controlled office environment.  Panel Built utilizes a 3" thick sandwich wall panel system with a wide range of material options to seamlessly fit into nearly any commercial or industrial environment. So, whether your temporary walls need to be installed into an office space or a heavy industrial environment, Panel Built can provide you with a system that best fits your facility.  This post will discuss Panel Built's modular walls and how they can be used to completely overhaul your workspace. 

How Does Panel Built's Modular Wall System Work? 
Our modular wall system is formed from our signature panel and binder post system.  The binder posts connect one panel to the next, creating wall systems of variable length inside your existing space.  In addition to joining the panels, the binder posts make a raceway for electrical and data wiring, and a junction box can easily be installed inside.  With this convenient raceway, Panel Built's temporary walls can still bring convenient power outlets for spaces when forming new offices, classrooms, and other workspaces.  Further, the binder post system allows for fully custom wall lengths and layouts, making our structures perfect for retrofitting an existing workspace. 

In addition to unique layouts, the wall panels themselves are highly customizable as well.  For a traditional office environment, Panel Built's vinyl-covered gypsum panel works perfectly as a cost-effective wall system that offers excellent sound dampening and insulation.  However, specific settings have specific needs. Therefore, Panel Built offers various wall facings, insulative cores, and substrates to give our wall panels different characteristics, depending on the facility.  

For example, heavy manufacturing companies often must create a new office space in loud and sometimes chaotic conditions.  For these projects, Panel Built can equip our walls with special materials to increase their overall durability and even sound dampening!  Panel Built can give the walls a steel exterior facing to beef up our system.  The steel skin is durable and easily cleaned, perfect for the sometimes harsh industrial environment.  As a bonus, the wall's interior can still be formed from our standard vinyl-covered gypsum to give the interior a traditional office feel.  Substrates can also be added to the interior of the panel.  In this case, sound-deadening board can be added to the panel to increase the temporary wall system's STC (Sound Transmission Class). Depending on the need, one to two layers of the board can be added to the system, increasing the overall STC rating up to 40%!  

Getting Panel Built's Temporary Walls Into Your Facility
Panel Built, Inc. is a complete turn-key provider of modular wall systems, meaning we will manufacture and help you design, ship, and install your new walls!  The first step is to Request a Quote.  From there, Panel Built and our dealer will work with you to develop the correct layout for your temporary wall system.  This includes light switches, built-in windows, doorways, outlets, etc.  Panel Built's walls act just like a traditional wall system!  Once the purchase is made and the layout is established, Panel Built will manufacture your walls based on your specific drawings.  With the panels precut in our facilities, installation at your facility is much faster and more convenient than stick-built with minimal on-site disruption.  Check out our Installing a Modular Office post for a complete installation walkthrough!

Overall, Panel Built modular office walls are a great temporary or often referred to as a 'semi-permanent' way to adapt your existing space.  Panel Built's modular walls can be uninstalled and moved to another location or even reconfigured into a whole new structure. If you need to adapt a Panel Built modular wall system in the future, reach out to Panel Built, and we will help you get the additional materials and installers to create another space!  With our entirely custom layouts and a wide variety of panel options, Panel Built can find the best solution for your facility. 

In addition to function, Panel Built offers several avenues to enhance the aesthetics of your new walls, including helping you fit them into your office's existing look. We offer three standard wall colors (white, grey, and champagne), which can match most environments.  However, Panel Built can provide entirely custom color options to help your new walls seamlessly blend into your existing space.  
So, if you think Panel Built's modular walls would work as a temporary wall solution for your company, let us know!  We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. In addition, panel Built offers fast, no-obligation quotes for each project. We understand that often, speed is the name of the game for these projects, so we strive to provide some of the quickest quotes and lead times in the businesses.  You can request a quote over the phone at 800.636.3873, via email through, through our Request a Quote form online, or through our LiveChat feature in the bottom right of the page.