The 21st Century Guard Booth Solution


Does your operation require a guard booth, check point, security shelter or a similar type of installation? If so, you should consider the sensible and modern solution that a modular building can provide. These steel-walled buildings provide the strength and durability that you need. They can also be delivered to your property with the speed and cost that you desire.

What To Know About Modular Guard Booths

  • These buildings can grow with your needs
  • They can be customized to your own unique specifications
  • Secure steel plates can make them bullet-resistant for the safety of your people
  • Expect fast construction and installation times
Just because these are manufactured buildings, do not assume they are low-quality. In fact, they are carefully manufactured by high-tech equipment in a 21st century style of factory. This equipment and construction method allows these buildings to be produced faster without any sacrifice of quality. The efficient modular design of each section of the building also makes it easy to customize booths for the unique needs of different customers. While a variety of designs can be ordered from a catalog, customers can also work with an in-house design team to create a custom solution that has never been built before. The modular design also gives you room to grow. Today you might only need a small guard booth to house one guard. In the future, it your needs change so you need to house multiple guards, you can expand your shelter. In fact, you can even create an entire security suite of offices with multiple rooms. There are few limitations to what you can do with these modular buildings. Security-Booth1-300x198Of course, the main concern of most customers is for the safety of their people. Steel plates can be ordered to make the walls and windows of the building bullet-resistant. This means that you can be sure that your security personal and their equipment are kept as safe as possible. Because it is possible to order these units constructed to ballistics-rated specifications, they have become a popular choice with police and military units. Have you ever waited for buildings to get constructed the old-fashioned way. Have those building projects ever gone over their budgets and deadlines. This is not an uncommon problem. Concerns over cost, time, and the possible disruption of normal business operations prevent some managers from ordering the security shelters that their operations require. When you order one of these fabricated security booths, you will know when to expect delivery. After delivery, the booth can be taken down from the truck and installed within hours. If you get delivery in the morning, it is very likely that you will be able to use your new building by the end of the day. This almost seems too good to be true, but it is very possible with this new technology. Would you like to explore this solution further? Why not visit here in order to find out more about these modular guard booths for your operation.