The Benefits of a Guard Shack Enclosure


Security is one of the most important parts of running a business. It offers a sense of control over the people on your property. You will be able to observe those who are working from monitors or simply have a means to check people in to the area. A modular guard shack is a great addition to any property as it adds a layer of professionalism and serves a very practical function. There are many types of businesses that could benefit from a prefab guard shack custom built for them:
  • Corporate offices will have a place for security to view monitors and respond to emergency situations. This can be especially useful in larger buildings that may have more liabilities.
  • Construction sites can ensure that everyone who enters the property is supposed to be there. This helps to keep projects secret and the job site safer.
  • Factory and warehouse owners can rest assured knowing that their inventory is being watched over.
  • Public places, such as parks, can have a dedicated area where guests can seek assistance if they need it. This area can also serve as a ticket booth, helping you ensure that everyone at the attraction has paid.
Your business’ gate house will serve as an excellent screening point or give you a place for your security team to operate. Because you will be able to improve security, a guard shack enclosure can be a great investment. The enclosure can also be moved or added to later on, making it very functional for years to come.

prefab guard shack

The Flexibility of a Quality Prefab Guard Shack

One of the biggest benefits of a modular building is flexibility. Companies like Panel Built work to keep their products light-weight and easy to move, yet make them durable. Like most modular structures, a guard house is designed to be able to face the elements. Despite this, you can easily move the guard shack to your next job site or expand it as your needs change. Guard shack designs are also very flexible. The security team could get nearly anything they wanted added on to the structure. Whether they need a second floor for storage, a bathroom, a break room or a kitchen it can be included in the design. Your ticket booth can even include a garage! The design of the building itself is also very flexible. Don’t think that you will only have the option of a small tan building with plain windows. Because everyone has different needs, Panel Built has learned to create many different designs. This allows business owners to select a design that flows well with the rest of their property.  A variety of paints, siding, windows and doors can make it easy to create a guard house that looks nothing short of amazing. Your prefab guard shack will also be flexible in terms of price. Guard shack companies online base their prices on the size and features that each ticket booth offers. An experienced company like Panel Built will be able to help you work with a strict budget to create something highly functional. One of their customer service representatives will be happy to make suggestions to you. This helps you get the most out of your new modular building and helps ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

Why Your Security Team Needs a Guard Shack

Before you start looking up guard shack companies online, it is important to understand the needs of your security team. This will help you select a layout that is compatible with your business goals. For a medium-sized security team, you will want to look for these features:
  • Sliding window to help communicate with cars
  • Seating area
  • Space for monitors or other supplies
  • Heating and air conditioning
Your security team needs these features because they all play an important role in surveillance. Comfort is the key to keeping your team alert and ready to go. Adequate space allows them to always have quick access to the tools they need to perform their job. The ability to communicate without leaving the booth also makes it easier for them to multi-task.

Where to Buy Portable Guard Houses

Guard shackPrefabricated guard houses are a necessity for many industries. This means that multiple companies are eager to produce them. This creates a buyer’s market. Even if you aren’t after a cheap modular guard shack online, you can appreciate the quality of some of the booths on the market. When looking for the best available prefabricated guard booth for sale, you should start by looking at companies that are well-known in the trade. Panel Built has years of experience creating the best modular buildings on the market. Panel Built also strives to help companies cut construction costs as much as possible. They have a goal to provide the best service for the best price. Because most  of their operations are online and they deliver the completed building to the location, they are able to pass on more savings than a typical modular building company. When you work with a quality company like Panel Built, you are able to find the cheap ticket booths available for sale that your company needs to thrive. Contact them today to learn more about quality guard shacks and how they can improve your business.