The Top Three Advantages for Custom Mezzanines


When you think of a mezzanine, chances are you’re thinking of the second story in a theater, or the place where the more affordable tickets are hidden. However, a mezzanine, by definition, is simply a glorified balcony in a larger room, creating a pseudo-second story in part of the room. These large second stories are actually incredibly useful in the manufacturing industry when there’s limited floor space for workers and equipment. Large warehouses are usually only one floor, and are limited to that floor space. When space runs out, businesses might need to find a way to increase working space without increasing the amount of buildings they have. When considering expansion, consider the top three advantages for a custom mezzanine, and why they might be the right choice for your company!

More Affordable

Running out of floor space doesn’t mean building another building. Why not just build a mezzanine? A mezzanine is cheaper than expanding into a new building, and doesn’t take up more square footage. You can build up, rather than out, and save space overall. Building a mezzanine is also much more affordable than building an entirely new warehouse, and can quickly be built to withstand the weight of the equipment you wanted to install. You’ll still get the space you wanted, but you won’t have to pay to get the space inspected, the foundation built, the warehouse built to code, the wiring and plumbing to be installed, and the building inspected all over again. A mezzanine usually has one main fee for the installation, and a custom built mezzanine from Panel Built has one flat fee for everything. With one flat amount, we build the mezzanine to your specifications and install it into your building, no worries on your end! With Panel Built mezzanines, your expansion doesn’t have to cost as much as a new building, and doesn’t have to put a dent in your business!

Easier Layout

If you’re in an industry with a lot of traveling workers, why force them to wear out their pedometers by sending them across large campuses without a real need? Instead of sending them to an entirely other building, why not just send them upstairs? An open mezzanine maintains the open warehouse feeling, and continues to keep everyone in the building they’re needed most in. It can help maintain a high level of communication, and minimizes the need for pausing work just to find and contact a coworker to answer a question. With a more open communication, business can continue efficiently with minimal stoppage, and problems can be addressed much more quickly! A custom mezzanine is also obviously customizable, allowing you to decide what it is you want. Need offices? Done! Want a catwalk for easier overseeing? No problem! At Panel Built, we build all kinds of custom mezzanines, all to allow you to create an easier layout for a more efficient business.

Extra Uses

If you’re not sure whether you can use the extra space or not, don’t think that means to never glance at a mezzanine again! The mezzanine can be built in dozens of different ways, and can cover all sorts of uses. If you’re looking for more office space, a closed mezzanine is perfect for making offices without subtracting from working space! Mezzanines are also perfect as catwalks, storage, and even free standing. Similar productions can happen on the two different levels, such as product packaging above being sent down to the product quality check below, to shorten the assembly line and the time it takes to get a finished product ready to ship. A mezzanine is much more flexible than a large warehouse, since it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture. A warehouse must be built for a specific purpose, and it can be difficult and costly to repurpose the entire building, or even just sections of a building. A mezzanine can be removed, changed, or added to easily, and won’t limit or halt production for very long. For a new custom mezzanine, look no further than Panel Built. We’re one of the best in the industry for beautifully built modulated buildings, from small catwalks to huge modulated office structures. We offer high quality at an affordable price, and focus on bringing you a quickly built piece that will last for years to come. We back all of our projects with our warranty, and put ourselves into everything we do. If it’s a Panel Built, it’s a work of art. When considering expansion, consider bringing a mezzanine into your large warehouse, and capitalize on some of that empty space up ahead! Get ahold of us at today and start planning your new custom mezzanine. You’ll have extra space before you know it, and your business can only grow from there!