Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Guard Booth


Panel Built guard boothHistorically, besides serving as security home, guard houses were also used to house equipment that was used in war. These booths also served as jails for prisoners of different crimes. In the more recent days, guard booths serve as checkpoints in different privately owned properties and commercial buildings. They typically have basic interiors to carry out the job of security personnel.   If you’re on the hunt for a guard booth to suit your needs, there are a lot of things to consider. Below are general notes on what to ask and search for when getting a guard booth.  

Purpose of the guard booth

Identify what will be the purpose for building the guard booth. Knowing what it’s meant for is vital in determining the materials to be used for construction and to know what the necessary equipment to install in the booth. Equipment installed might include cameras, monitors, data and communication equipment, water coolers, refrigerators, cabinets, shelves, toilet and sink.  

Environmental considerations

When you have figured out what the purpose of the guard booth is, plan for its location and determine the environmental considerations you need to take in building the booth. Is it going to be placed in the middle of the lane or over the side? Identifying the location for the booth is also critical in determining its size and total capacity. When you are able to figure out all these, it will be easier to resolve other problems that might relate to the booth’s environment and location.  

Security consideration

When you have already determined the location of your guard booth, you will easily identify the security needs of the house. Is the area exposed to dangers? If so, does the booth need to be bullet-proof or even radiation-protected? Does your guard booth need to incorporate traffic protection such as stanchions and rails? Will you need additional barricades for more protection and security? All these are crucial prior to building your desired guard booth.  

Neighborhood feedback

While you have already plotted out the details such as the booth’s purpose, locations and security needs, you should also take into consideration the feedback that will come from the people living in the area you plan to build the booth. Will your booth match the architectural trend in the area? Is it of enough size in such a way that it will not cause interruption of the regular routines of the neighborhood? If you’ve responded to these neighborhood concerns, then you could go on with the project.  

Booth manufacturer

Search for the best manufacturer of your Panel Built guard booth online or through your network. You will be able to get a lot of good brands, for sure. But remember to get one that will provide you with the most efficient service beside its quality product.   Consider getting one from Panel Built Incorporated, which offers pre-assembled booths with the interior and exterior systems shipped direct to your place, completely assembled and ready to go to work for you. Panel Built items are easy to order, no need to assemble, no on-site construction, crane or fork-lifts, and ready to use—all of which work to your advantage. You just have to discuss with Panel Built exactly what your needs are for the guard booth and they’ll work it out for you.   Founded in 1995, Panel Built offers a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, pre-assembles and exterior buildings. The multiple product lines they have are produced on site, in two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Panel Built promises flexibility and quality of products produced by experts in the field.  

Accommodating manufacturer

Have you called and inquired from your target manufacturer? Were they accommodating? Did they give you all the necessary details you need? Did they answer your other queries? Will they be able to meet your standards? If you got a yes in all of these, then you could have hit the jackpot and a few more steps to go, you’ll be able to close a deal with a manufacturer.  

Customers’ say

Panel Built guard booth_When you have identified the manufacturer for your booth, check out their credentials thoroughly. More importantly, go through their customers’ feedback. Will they hire them again? Are the references customers are talking about valid with regard to the manufacturer’s products? These considerations should never be disregarded for the best critic of any product is the consumers.   When you have answered all the above-mentioned questions, then it’s about time to meet with the manufacturer and start building your guard booth, which will most likely be the center of your security force. Always remember to get a manufacturer that will supply your needs at the best quality so you won’t have to regret anything in the end.   Read more about Panel Built guard booth here: /.