Time for Change: Modular Buildings in the Workplace


If you are looking to setup a safe and quiet office for your company, a modular building by Panel Built is the way to go.  Through the years, modular buildings have been used to construct schools, military housing and even industrial facilities. One of the reasons why they are so highly desirable is because they can be used on a long-term, temporary or permanent basis. This is great because no matter what your purpose is, these facilities will serve your needs.  That’s not all though. Read more about how Panel Built can create the office structure of your dreams with modular buildings.

What are Modular Buildings?

Modular buildings are six-sided boxes that are typically put together in a remote facility and then delivered to the site of use. Due to their large nature, the completed modular buildings are dropped onto the designated area by a crane and then joined together with any other surrounding modules. A huge perk of modular buildings is that you can place them whichever way you want. This gives you the freedom to create the layout that works best for you at work. For instance, you can place the modules side by side, end to end or one on top of the other. Modules can even be stacked up to six stories high in height.  Many times companies choose to place a modular office on a mezzanine. This allows you to free up room in the office, while efficiently using the space you do have. It also gives those using the module a bird’s eye view of the facility. Bosses typically pick to acquire this room so that they can see everything going on at the workplace. Other times companies choose to use these modular buildings for break rooms, cooling booths, observation towers, clean rooms and equipment.

Are Modular Buildings Safe to Use at My Workplace?

With all the different options that come with modular buildings, many question how safe and sturdy these structures are. The answer is very. Modular components are usually formed indoors on assembly lines.  Thanks to this, there are building inspectors on location to watch over the construction of these modules and make sure that each adheres to all building codes. To construct a modular building by Panel Built, it takes anywhere from ten days to three months, while the actual placement of the module can take a few hours to several days.  Once the module is placed into its rightful spot, you are done. Modules are made with such high-quality, that you won’t even be able to tell the difference between a typical site-built structure and a modular building by Panel Built. This helps keep the value of the building from decreasing over time.

What Makes Up a Modular Building?

In order to deliver a fast installation, modules feature modular office walls and a connection system. The connection system is made up of polystyrene panels, honeycomb panels, different types of custom surfaces, modular tall wall capabilities and insulated windows. Polystyrene panels are powder-coated binder post systems that offer durable, stable connections and a raceway for electrical, phone and data. On the other hand, honeycomb panels showcase a matching divider that gives it a traditional appearance. These are also easy to install and made of quality modular construction. Any kind of electric, phone and data can go anywhere in the panel. With PBI’s versatility, you are able to decide for yourself which wall panel design and finishes you want. As we mentioned earlier, modular walls can be branched off with a polystyrene or resin-painted honeycomb core. Besides that, Panel Built also offers one-hour fire rated core safety barriers, which are made of steel studs and mineral wool

Why Are Modular Buildings Beneficial?

Since a modular building is created off-site, many assume that it will always have that temporary home feel. Contrary to this belief, a modular building  is actually beneficial, it allow workers to feel comfortable and at ease in a warehouse setting.  It gives employees that office sensation no matter what setting they are in.  It also provides a clean, well-lit and temperature-controlled environment. If you are debating making the switch to modular buildings but aren’t sure how they will fit best into your workplace situation, contact Panel Built. Our  world-class engineering and customer service representatives can help you plan your modular office system so that you best utilize your space. Instead of relying on the conventional way of building office buildings, it’s time to march over to Panel Built for their modular buildings. This new way of creating facilities for companies takes everything we loved about traditional office buildings and adds what was lacking. A modular building brings all these benefits to corporations, which truly does improve the workplace. Visit us to transform your office structure like never before.