Top Quality Security Booths from Panel Built


Panel Built provides durable, safe and secure security booths that can be used as guard houses, security check-points, border inspection units and tower observation units. Our guard house units are used by private residential clients, commercial industries and governmental institutions. The security booths are made from welded steel and are easy to maintain. Extra customization is also performed as per client’s requirement to ensure the booths are secure and comfortable. We build and assemble security booths that will fit into your plan to enhance the security of your home or workplace. Our structures come pre-assembled from the factory and can be fully customized to fit your specifications. For example, you can go for the standard option guard houses that come fitted with doors, windows, factory finish paint, electrical installations and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Apart from these basic features, the booths can be further customized with additional upgrades. Some of the upgrade options available include blast resistant constructions, bullet proof glass and ballistic steel reinforced doors and walls. For comfort, the units can come with pre-installed factory restrooms or have provisions that will fit the on-site plumbing system. Bullet Proof Security Booths Since guard houses are meant to offer protection to those inside it, some clients opt for the units with enhanced security measures. If you need one of the booths with enhanced security, you should look into getting bullet and blast resistant booths. Depending on the anticipated threats, the guard shacks can be customized to offer protection from a range of weapons; from handguns to armor piercing automatic assault weapons. The security enclosure can further incorporate structural and architectural designs that meet blast load needs. Panel Built’s bullet security booth units satisfy UL8, NIJ4 and higher security levels. Bullet proof guard shacks can be mounted on a portable trailer or be installed permanently on up to 40 feet high hard-plated enclosed towers. A standing seam hip roof can be incorporated in the design as extra precaution against lob explosives. Our bullet proof security booths come with different options including:
  • Gun ports
  • Reflective and tinted glass
  • Roof and/or floor access hatches
  • Safety railing
  • Backup battery systems
Other options for the bullet proof guard shacks include dimmable or red lighting in the interior, anti-fatigue mats and a backup generator. For the exterior, the security enclosures can be camouflaged painted. The bullet resistant security booth units can be of the very basic appearance or more complicated architectural designs that fit with the installation location. Apart from the enhanced guard house units, we offer architectural design and construction of on-site bullet resistant buildings. Panel Built Security Booth Restrooms As expected, the guard houses are manned 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the personnel manning the station are comfortable and have the necessary amenities at their disposal. A restroom is one amenity that is very crucial for such a security post. The guard shack units can be customized to have restroom for both the security personnel and visitors. The restrooms can be either positioned at the same place or installed separately. The restrooms should be compliant with ADA Building Codes. Our prefabricated security booths come with the standard option of water closets and china lavatories. The guard house units are designed in such a way that they can be installed over the already underlying water and sewerage system at the site. The prefabricated security structures have provisions like pre-cut holes that will fit into the already established systems with relative ease. The standard restroom options for the guard houses include:
  • Water taps
  • A sink
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Tissue paper holder
  • A mirror
Integration of our security booths with the already existing systems is relatively easy. The units have surface mounts that can be fitted to the underlying systems on the site. You can also opt for guard houses with in-built plumbing system. These are effective in case there are no underlying water and sewerage systems where you need the booths installed. The in-built systems are designed to be connected to a single water supply and hooked up to a single sewer line. Other options that can be effective in situations where hooking up the guard shack to the traditional plumbing systems include:
  • Electrical toilet units
  • Composting units
  • Chemical toilet units
Get Your Security Booths from the Leading Guard Houses Supplier Panel Built’s security booths are designed to be secure and at the same time offer comfort to the occupants. The security booths are cost effective and are sure to fit your requirements with customization. Panel Built is one of the leading installers of guard houses and security booths in the country. When you order booths from us, you are guaranteed to get high quality structures that will last for many years. Click here for more information on Panel Built’s security booths.