Transforming the Office with Modular Buildings


The way office buildings were once created and assembled has completely changed over time. Now, thanks to companies like Panel Built, modular buildings are becoming the new wave of office structures. These types of facilities are being used all over the world, and not just for offices. Modular buildings are found at schools, civilian and military housing and construction sites. It’s no wonder that these types of offices are becoming so common since they’re easy to install and are durable.

Single-Story Modular In-Plant Offices

We leave the decisions to you.  You have the choice of how you want your office setup. Our engineers are top rated, so they will work with you to design an office space that fits your specific needs.  A modular office can either be single-story or multi-story.  With single-story, the layout can include four-wall designs or even two and three wall systems. Any previous walls you have at the site will be employed to save you time and money. Similar to a structure made at a construction site, a single-story, Panel Built modular office will be efficient for the workplace. It is made to be strong so that it can withstand anything that comes its way, as well as safe so that employees are never in harm’s way. This quality facility is actually cost-effective compared to what you would receive through traditional construction.

Multi-Story Modular In-Plant Offices

A great feature that comes with modular buildings is the option of having them multi-story. What this means is that you can have one Panel Built modular office on top of the next. One of the benefits to this is that you are using all of your allotted space and consolidating what you have. By stacking offices, there is no wasted air space. This can get rid of major clutter that office buildings usually accumulate.  Another pro is that important building codes are met.  Of course to have a functioning office, you need this. Multi-story modular offices also leave the company room to change and adapt to their growing needs. If they need to hire more employees, they can stack up more modules. A modular office has the power to be temporary, so companies can play with the layout when needed.  Also, by creating a multi-story modular office, you are allowing a plant’s- eye view, which gives employees and bosses the chance to see everything that is going on at the office, which will help work remain efficient. Multi-story modular buildings are typically used for a supervisory or warehouse office, vision towers and additional storage space.  To create these kinds of in-plant offices, load-bearing metal structures are used. This will support all the weight from the different floors. Structural panels, hard-wearing painted aluminum extrusions, top and bottom channels, matching divider strips and corner posts are all used as well in the creation of multi-story facilities. When the assembling is done, you are left with a modular office that looks undistinguishable from what’s created at construction sites.

Modular Buildings Begin with Panels

To create these desirable modular structures, panels need to be used. At Panel Built, the customers are allowed to choose what kind of wall panel designs and finishes they want for their office.  Modular building walls can be expanded with polystyrene or a resin-stained honeycomb core. There is also the option of a one-hour fire rated core safety barrier, which is made of steel studs and mineral wool.  A 1”wide vinyl divider block or conventional aluminum extruded binder post is then used at the panel joints. As far as what surface you want on the panel, Panel Built’s choices are boundless. Some of the options offered are aluminum, steel, hardboard, fiberglass reinforced plastic and plywood. However, basically any type of surface you can laminate is a possibility. The most popular one used is the ½” vinyl covered drywall. In particular, this is terrific for fire, sound and cost.

Benefits of Modular Offices

Modular offices provide an abundance of benefits to companies that use them. As we mentioned earlier, a multi-story, Panel Built modular office frees up space in the office. This way instead of always having to build outwards when expansions need to be made, you can now build upwards, utilizing that wasted space. Modular offices can additionally provide long-term, temporary or permanent facilities.  If for whatever reason you don’t need this module anymore, you can get rid of it. With buildings created at construction sites, this would end up being a huge hassle. Also, modular buildings provide the same purpose as a construction built office. They even look identical. Instead, with this method, you are actually saving money. When creating a new office space, many automatically think to go the traditional route. They want to hire a construction team to build up their facility. However, modular offices provide the same great quality and actually save you money. With its single and multi-story levels, you are left with a cost-effective structure that’s loaded with benefits. Visit us to see how you can achieve your dream office.