Using a Metal Building to Save Money and Increase Productivity


  Metal buildings have been used for many years in many different situations, believe it or not. You have probably seen them on your daily commute to work, to home, or driving to a friend’s house, but perhaps you haven’t paid attention. All over the world, and most importantly the United States, metal buildings are rather quickly becoming a replacement for many traditional buildings. Brick and mortar are still very important, but they are swiftly becoming a thing of the past as more durable buildings are being erected and more versatile ones are being employed. Metal buildings are comprised of a frame and numerous panels which ensure that damage to one part of the structure does not necessarily have to entail damage to the rest of the structure. It might seem like a far our concept, but it is absolutely true, and with our buildings, a definite reality.


Types of Metal Buildings

 As we mentioned before, metal buildings can be used for many different purposes, though one of the most popular has been for office buildings. Modular buildings, for example, are an outstanding example of prefabricated metal buildings that you can deploy anywhere on your property. Modular buildings are an instance of a prefab metal building office that arrives at your facility either completely assembled or in pieces for  you to see to. In addition to that, Panel Built can actually supply personnel to help put the items together if you so desire. What are some of the benefits of the panel built buildings? You might be surprised, actually. First of all, you will discover that modular buildings from Panel Built are more than capable of becoming a self contained environment, meaning you can use them as a completely separate space. If your warehouse, for example is too hot, then you will quickly find that the modular building allows you to adjust the temperature inside without massive air leakage. The problem with heating or cooling an entire warehouse, of course, is the enormous cost, and with a Panel Built modular building, you will find that the cost is significantly reduced as you are only servicing a small area. There are other uses for these modular buildings, of course, for example you might choose to use one for a guard shack, ticket booth, or even an office for your construction site. The bottom line is that modular metal buildings are an outstanding way for you to add on to your existing infrastructure without going too far, if there is such a thing. Of course modular structures are not the only prefabricated metal buildings that panel built offers. In fact, we offer buildings of any size, shape, and color. Some buildings are obviously more popular than others, but each of them have their own purpose, and with that being the case, it is important that we take a look at the different models, and structure types. It’s time for you to get a grasp on what Panel Built offers and what it can do to change your business. Portable Buildings – We mentioned these before, in the forms of guard shacks or ticket booths. Essentially, these are crane or fork-liftable prefabs that can be placed anywhere whether you want them inside your building, or in your parking lot serving a separate purpose. They, just like offices, are self contained and can be properly heated or cooled during questionable atmospheric conditions. Modular Buildings – Modular office buildings are self contained structures that can be placed virtually anywhere. Some of the most popular applications include placing them in a parking lot so that they can be used as offices for outdoor events. Concerts, for example are considered a great time to deploy metal modular office buildings. Commercial Metal Buildings – What many people tend to forget, is that commercial buildings no longer need to be simply brick and mortar. You can now use metal structures for virtually anything, and PBI will be able to furnish you with high end, highly economical solutions. The construction of commercial metal building office has really never been easier. Enclosures – As a business you undoubtedly have a plethora of equipment, whether it is simply for your factory floor, or equipment for the field. If you are running a construction company then you have a considerable amount of equipment for building, and you need to keep it as safe as possible. The way to do that, is with high end equipment enclosures. Equipment storage, as you will find, is essential to your business, so make sure you take it into account and keep yours safe year round.

 Meeting the Code

 One of the biggest problems you will have when you are erecting ANY building for ANY purpose is that of ensuring you have a building permit, and of course ensuring that the building meets your local code. Panel Built is familiar with the building codes in many different areas, and with that being the case, we are most certain to  erect a building that will not only stand up to the elements but also stand up to the discretion of the local building inspectors. When you are planning your building it might sound like a small consideration, but you can trust us when we say that it is of the utmost importance if you want to avoid fines and most importantly, avoid having your building torn down. Start planning your project today and make sure you choose the best company to provide you with the best building – there is a lot to consider and a lot to be done. Do it right the first time!