We Can Deliver a Modular Office in Two Business Days


Quick Ship OfficeWe understand tight time constraints when it comes to work. Sometimes you have to meet a deadline, and you can't wait to have an office building to be built right fast enough. Here at Panel Built we know time is of the essence. It's why we offer premium quality two day quick shipping on our modular office buildings. Our modular shipping office provides you with a secure, efficient, and reliable way to have your off-site office on time. We understand the need to have an office in either a warehouse or construction site to deal with all the paperwork. It's a safe place where your employees can complete the work in a safe environment without being distracted by the noise of the warehouse or construction site.

The Ideal Office

Quick Ship Modular OfficeOur engineering and sales teams coordinate with each other in order to craft the ideal office building to meet your requirements. We know each person is different, and one office design may not work in certain environments. We understand you may have different requirements for the work site, and need an office to fit those specific needs. We'll give you a free quote too. If you decide to go forward with the purchase, we'll be more than happy to work with you to get you the office you desire. We have fast delivery for these special offices that can be on your construction site or warehouse in two business days. Our shipping offices boast of high quality materials and construction. We're able to meet several specifications including:
  • 8 or 10 feet walls
  • Gyp panels with a polystyrene core, covered with stand vinyl
  • Both sides having the same color
  • Matching doors and trims
  • A B-deck roof
  • Champagne, grey or white color
We believe in giving our customers the perfect office in order to fit their needs. The same goes for how the office looks. So your modular building system fits into the architectural design you may have on site.

Standard Design & HVAC Options

Our offices can come with climate controlled to ensure your employees are as comfortable as possible. We offer standard design options and HVAC options so the climate within the office is kept at a reasonable temperature. A few of our standard design options are:
  • Doors that are 3-0, 6-0 by 7-0
  • ¼” Thick Clear Tempered Glass Windows
  • A Standard HVAC Unit
  • A drop Ceiling measuring 2 feet by 4 feet
  • A 6” Batt Insulation
  • Standard Electrical Equipment such as duplex receptacles, switches, data and troffer lights)
Even before your office is shipped, we can equip it with powerful cooling and heating systems. The weather can change rapidly, and we believe your comfort should not have to be compromised. So by the time it arrives on site your office will be a comfortable place to work in. We offer a few HVAC options as well which includes heat pump and through the wall. These options are:
  • Amana 9,300 BTU Cooling / 11,000 BTU Heating
  • Amana 12,000 BTU Cooling / 11,100 BTU Heating
  • Amana 18,000 BTU Cooling / 11,100 BTU Heating

Get the Full Use Out of your Quick Ship Modular Office Building

There are two freight options to receive your new office building. You can either pick it up yourself and bring it to the work site. Or we can deliver it to you by LTL carrier within two business days so you can have your office as soon as possible without waiting. Our quick ship office buildings are not just great for keeping your employees comfortable either. You can use them to meet up with clients, customers, or even visitors at the work site. So they're in a comfortable, climate controlled environment. Safe from the dangers of the construction site or warehouse. Here at Panel Built we believe in satisfying the needs of our customers. We have passion for our work, and offer the best customer support available to make sure you're fully satisfied with your quick ship office building. Each of our products are manufactured with the utmost quality and precision. We use state of the art facilities which allow us to quickly and efficiently speed up the manufacturing process. So our quick ship program guarantees to have your product delivered to you on time without any time constraints. The whole process only takes two business days, and you receive an office at an affordable price for your hard earned cash.