What Are Modular Offices?


What is a modular office

Modular offices are a type of commercial or industrial office space that is prefabricated offsite and is temporary or semi-permanent in nature. Panel Built modular offices utilize a panel system that allows for quick and easy installation into an existing warehouse or manufacturing facility.

However, Modular Offices and Modular Wall Systems as a whole find their way into a variety of different industries and sectors from Education to Manufacturing. And this is because no matter what your organization is, space needs can change from day to day or week to week. A lot of times, this puts people in a time (and space) crunch. They need some elbow room, and they need it now.

These are the perfect instances for an organization to install a modular office into their facility. In an instant, they can create a comfortable and controlled environment that is suitable for everything from office work to high precision laser imagining!

In this post, we will go over everything that makes a modular office a modular office.

Where Are Modular Offices Made?

For Panel Built, our modular offices are made in one of our state-of-the-art modular construction facilities. Although Panel Built is a modular construction company, we operate similar to both a manufacturer and a construction company. This is because we take care of all aspects of a modular office project.

Modular Construction Station
Modular Construction Station; Building Bases Ready for Installation

At Panel Built, we allow for the entire construction process to take place in a fully controlled environment. Our materials move from station to station with each station being manned by a specialist providing added value to the end product. This allows us to work just like an assembly line that you would see in a typical factory. Depending on the project, Panel Built will sometimes fully design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble the entire modular office inside our facility. In other cases, the entire modular office system will be manufactured in our facility, packaged, and shipped to the facility to then be assembled on-site.

What Are Modular Offices Made From?

The first step we take in making your modular office is manufacturing the panels themselves. Our panels are basic sandwich panels that can be made from a large variety of cores and substrates. The most common panel type we offer is what we call our Gyp/Gyp panel. This is a sandwich panel that is 3" thick and consists of two 1/2" gypsum boards with a 2" polystyrene core. This is Panel Built's most popular panel option for three main reasons. First, it fits into a wide variety of applications and environments. Our Gyp/Gyp panel is used in everything from heavy-duty manufacturing facilities to school buildings. Second, the Gyp/Gyp panel is very cost-effective. Third, the panel is very "well-rounded," meaning it offers a quality STC Rating (Sound Deadening), R-Value (Insulation), and overall durability.

However, there are many times a company or facility will require a specialty panel. These panels may require a higher durability, STC Rating, R-Value, or fire resistance. In these instances, Panel Built can customize the cores and substrates of our panels in order to fit the requirements of that particular modular office. For the substrates of our modular office wall panels, this can include stucco embossed steel, stainless steel, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), aluminum, and more. For the core of the panels, this can include polyisocyanurate, mineral wool, and other varieties depending on your building's needs.

Modular Office

What Are the Benefits of a Modular Office?

Panel Built's panelized modular office systems offer a number of benefits over stick-built. Some of the main benefits that our customers look for in our product include Quick Project Lead Times, Ease of Installation, the Product's Semi-Permanence, and Flexibility, but there are plenty more. Let's go into each of these main benefits briefly.

As we mentioned before, the need for new office space can come at a moment's notice for an organization. For that reason, Panel Built's quick project lead times is one of the top reasons our customers come to us. With a streamlined production process and a standardized panel and binder post system, Panel Built can mass produce our modular office wall panels, allowing us to generate panels quickly and efficiently. Additionally, with the majority of the modular construction process taking place in our facility, the project site can be prepped while the building itself is being fabricated. With these two construction phases happening simultaneously, many modular office projects can be completed up to 30% to 50% faster than their conventional construction.

Ease of installation will also be of high importance, especially for a facility that's always up and running. Panel Built's binder post system allows for easy installation of the modular office system with each panel easily attaching to one another. With this system and the fact that all the panels are pre-cut offsite, the building can be easily assembled on-site, causing minimal downtime for the company. When using a pre-assembled building, the modular office just needs to be offloaded, anchored, and hooked into a power source, making the process even quicker!

In some cases, facilities can only use an office that is semi-permanent. For companies and organizations that are renting their current facility, their lease or the owner of the building may reject all permanent alterations to the building. In this case, a temporary or semi-permanent solution may be required to solve their needs. Our modular offices can just as easily be easily uninstalled, making them easily satisfy this need.


And finally, the flexibility of modular offices is often an appealing feature especially for fast-growing companies. With the semi-permanent nature of our structures, the modular offices can be easily expanded, relocated, added on to, or added on top! Many times, Panel Built's customers will come to us wanting a space with future plans of adding more space in the future. In these cases, Panel Built can design their office that can conveniently add another office to end, or we can even give the office a load-bearing roof, allowing for an additional office to be built on top in the future!

Modular Offices are a convenient office space solution for companies and organizations of all types. Modular offices can be placed into facilities faster than a stick-built alternative and can be installed while causing minimal site disruption. But this doesn't mean these are "cookie-cutter" solutions. Panel Built's modular offices are highly custom, offering endless design configurations and a high variety of materials in which the buildings can be made.

If you have any questions about our modular office systems, give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us over an email to info@Panelbuilt.com, or simply ask us in our LiveChat feature at the bottom-right of the page. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.