What Does Ballistic Mean?


The term ballistics is a reference to a freely moving object and the forces that act against said object. In other words, to simply define ballistics it a projectile and that projectile’s movement through the air; a common ballistic is a bullet fired from a gun or even shrapnel metal.

Reasons for Investing in a Ballistic Guard Shack

ballistic modular buildingThreats are not something to take lightly under any circumstances; if your facility have any level of threats, we at Panel Built, do not hesitate to recommend that you invest in a ballistic modular building in order to protect your assets: employees and equipment alike. The blast resistant guard shack by Panel Built is prefabricated and can be made from either stainless steel or carbon steel during construction. With our prefabricated guard booths, they are all made of welded steel construction and use low maintenance but durable materials that provide the ballistic guard booth with longevity. All our booths are built to comply with all ADA regulations, as well as constructed to be tough and durable, to take on whatever life throws at it. With Panel Built, you are able to customize your guard booth with a slew of special security features in order to keep your officers of security safe as well as comfortable during their shift of duty. We offer enhanced ballistic construction options for environments and locations that are deemed hi-risk. Some of the features our welded guard shack include are: • A steel base that can be lifted via forklift and crane. • Security Systems, PA, and Lightening Protection • Weather proof and insulated and come with HVAC Systems • A variety of sizes are offered as well as the ability to have your shack painted a custom color. • Roof tops are available in three styles: Shed, Gable, or Hip Roof. Our Ballistic Rated Modular Buildings cover all levels of UL and NIJ ballistic protection There are several advantages to choosing a good prefabricated and modular design for your ballistics guard shack, one such advantage is that our modular offices are easy to assemble. You will not have to worry about construction at your facility or the liability that goes with it. Our pre-fab parts fit together easily so setting up your shack can be completed with very little down time. Since all the construction happens in our production facility, the materials will remain undamaged by unforeseen weather conditions, as opposed to the chance you would be taking by having it constructed on-site. With clear and concise measurements and the prefabrication process, we ultimate eliminate the inconsistencies that are often associated with on-site crew productions. One of the biggest reasons to choose a modular guard booth is that, it does not have to remain permanently where it is set the first time. Our booths can be moved, hauled, and expanded based on the ever-changing dynamics of your company and facility. Most types of localized construction are placed into concrete and have to remain there until they are torn down and removed in order to make room for other buildings or to make space. With Panel Built’s prefabricated welded guard shacks all you have to do it lift it up by the steel base and move it to its new location – less fuss and no money is wasted if you have to move it, as opposed to having to tear down a local construction booth and have another one built again.

Why Choose Panel Built to Build Your Ballistic Guard Shack?

Ballistic Guard ShackIf you are on the hunt to give your facility or property a bit of extra protection and security, there is no doubt that turning to a source that can provide you with a high quality in-plant modular guard shack can be just the ticket you need. Not only do our prefabricated guard booths and alike enclosures provide a professional way to show off strength and seriousness, but they also offer excellent protection from not only threats and attacks but the outside elements as well. Because we offer a wide variety of construction options to our clients, our customers are able to get exactly what they need in a prefabricated building that is designed and constructed to meet their exact and unique requirements. With our adaptability, we can set your ballistic shack virtually anywhere and for any application as there is little to no on-site construction. Furthermore, we offer aesthetic options that are better suited to your specific environment and something that will better fit the look of your facility site. Our guard shacks are ready to ship in a few days and when they arrive and are implanted, they are turn-key ready for use. We do not believe into forcing customers into a “one size fits all” modular building, because one size does not fit every facility.