What You Don’t Know about Guardhouses


  guard housePlace your security officers in the most pivotal position in your facility in order to have the strongest grip on your company's security. For a variety of guardhouse choices, search through Pane Built guard booths which are available in modular designs. We custom design and custom build every modular building that we produce. So you can receive a guardhouse that is specially made for you and your facility.  So what do we know about guardhouses apart from them being a place for security personnel? Here are some details you might find interesting:

Guardhouses Historically Used as Dormitories and Jails

Everyone knows today's use of guardhouses as a shelter for security officers and personnel.  But did you know that guardhouses, historically, serve as dormitories for sentries or guards, and a ‘stand-by’ venue for officers not on duty? More interestingly, did you know guardhouses used to function as jails in the earlier days? The little house that we see before we get into a government building or other private areas do not entirely seem the same as before but generally and essentially, they serve as home to different people and their equipment.  As you can imagine, the size and function of guardhouses have shifted a lot over the years.  When these buildings were utilized as dorms and jails, they were much larger in size and held many different rooms inside of them!

Guard Booths as Checkpoints

In the more recent days, guardhouses are generally placed at the entrance as checkpoints for securing, monitoring and maintaining access control into secured facilities of private venues—commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental or residential. In the case of small to mid-sized facilities, however, the guardhouse serves as the control area for the entire physical security of the mentioned facilities.The most common application of guardhouses as security checkpoints is probably between the borders of different countries.  Just like a regular guardhouse, these checkpoints serve as an access control to coordinate the people coming in and out of a country.  They primarily used to identify the people crossing the borders, in order to ensure no one who should not be coming in is trying to cross.  Guardhouse

Historical Guardhouses

In the 18th century, Guardhouses in the Fortress of Louisbourg were used as places where sentries were stationed to eat and sleep between periods of sentry duty at the 21 sentry posts around the town. Louisbourg, at that time, had five guardhouses.  This is an area that a guard would be living in or around until the need arose for them to fulfill their guardly duties.  On the other hand, in Fort Scott's National Historic Site, the main components of the guard's interiors are a platform, table, shelves, platform beds, seat shelves, a fireplace or stove and leather buckets for men (fire extinguishers, at the same time duty of the guard). In other words, the prison cells were almost the same as today's furniture - there were only one billet barrel and iron rings for equipment.
Later, in the 1950s, octagonal protection clubs were used in the Ensign-Bickford factory in Simsbury-they contained explosives for tight security purposes. The cabins were installed on opposite ends of the road. In addition, there were uniformed guards who held any on-site check-in and/or departing persons. It is also striking due to the materials the cabins are in, and it was surrounded during World War II. The guards were strict and responsible in their work to protect the region. A person carrying his wife was not allowed to come to the plant area, and there were reasons to take the hanging or worse off to get caught. However, the guards were allowed to accumulate anything (eg cigarettes, cigarettes, etc.) that would cause a fire or explosion in a safety guard before starting the shift.

Panel Built Incorporated Guardhouses

Now, guardhouses are primarily used as security centers in different areas. We are not new to people now that we are new everywhere. Different businesses are more concerned about the safety of their business, so they are developing a station that will serve as a staff for them. If you are thinking of adding a house or commercial property to a guardhouse, check the wide selection of Panel Built. Building pre-assembled guardhouses are simple and facilitate installation and include interior and exterior facilities that make the enclosure a practical and comfortable place to do security work. Panel Order The prepared protective cushion is simple; Our team of experts is ready to help you get the right design for your needs. Panel Built Incorporated was founded in 1995. Since then, we’ve offered a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines and pre-assembled exterior buildings for a variety of uses. Our multiple product lines are produced on site in one of two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Panel Built strives to supply flexible, quality products for all industries. Read more about Panel Built products on our Prefabricated Buildings page