When To Use Modular Construction?


It's no secret that the modular construction industry has had a growing influence on the way we build today. And moving forward, many consider Modular Construction as the future of the construction industry, being labeled as a possible solution to affordable housing. From towering apartment complexes to temporary office locations, the benefits of modular construction can be utilized in a variety of different applications.

However, with this construction technique still gaining ground in the industry, some firms will only employ modular techniques if it specifically fits the project. So, in this case, construction, architecture, and design firms will often ask themselves, "When is the Best to Use Modular Construction?"

Luckily, we can help you with that...

Projects With Tight & Absolute Deadlines

Modular Construction Process
One of the primary and well agreed upon benefits of modular construction is that fast project times. With around 80% of the projects being constructed inside of a factory setting, the rest of the job site is open for preparation. With the job site preparation and the fabrication stages happening concurrently, you're able to shave a large amount of time off your overall project timeline. This time savings can range anywhere from 25% to 50% of the stick-built version.

However, faster project times aren't the only way modular construction helps with tight deadlines. One of the biggest benefits that our dealers see with Panel Built projects is our ability to predict your project schedule. With the controlled factory environment, our buildings are produced in, Panel Built modular structures have greater quality assurance, meaning fewer setbacks for your project timeline.

For Faster Return On Investment

Modular hotel
Modular Hotel Concept
For companies looking for a quick turnaround on their project, modular construction methods can help them get a faster return on their investment. Look at Marriott, the international luxury hotel chain for example.

Recently, Marriott International has implemented modular construction into a number of new hotel and hospitality projects. For them, modular construction introduces a very important benefit, quick construction of their buildings. Being able to open new resorts and hotels quicker allow for these locations to start earning money faster. For companies that are looking to quickly expand and wants to see immediate results from their investments, modular construction can help.

Flexibility for the Future

Panel Built's Panelized Wall System that can be Easily Re-Configured
With Panel Built's panel system, our modular construction projects offer a great deal of flexibility in the future. Each 4 ft Panel Built wall panel is attached to one another using our binder post system. By using multiple binder posts, we can create modular wall systems that span across entire facilities.

However, if a company's space needs a change after a Panel Built modular wall system is installed into their facility, the wall system can be easily changed! For example, when adding in a modular office to a new facility, oftentimes the end customer will only require one individual office for a supervisor-like employee. However, as that company grows, additional desks and office space can be required to house additional employees. Instead of getting an entirely new office system, our modular office systems can be uninstalled and have additional wall panels added to them to create an overall bigger modular office space. Or the original office space can have another modular office added to the side of it, creating a whole new modular office room while still making use of the existing office.

Additionally, the modular office walls can be picked up and reassembled in a new location with minimal materials needed to re-assemble the building in a new spot. Or if you order the modular office pre-assembled in as pod-like office, the building can be easily transported throughout your facility with the use of a forklift. The office pods allow for modular office space to be moved from location to location in your facility at a moment's notice.

Needing Minimal Job Site Disruption

Crane Lifted Operator Booth Quickly Installed on Site

Another problem modular construction helps to solve is job site disruption. This is an issue seen in any type of construction project that is going to an already occupied area. You can take examples of this from anywhere from a busy city like New York to a warehouse facility.   With the majority of the project's fabrication and construction phases occurring away from the actual job site, there is a lot less disruption going on when the structure is actually being installed.

The disruption that you see in a traditional, stick-built construction process takes a variety of different forms from foot traffic, heavy equipment, and material storage.  Now modular construction has all of these things too but to a much smaller degree.   Plus, with a shorter installation time, the job site will have to deal with the disruption for a smaller amount of time. 

Take Panel Built's prefabricated shelters as a good example of this.  The majority of the time, these shelters are installed on the side of the road as a public transportation shelter.  In this scenario, the location of the bus stop shelter is typically in the on the sidewalk of a frequently traveled street.  If the city decides to use traditional, stick-built methods of construction, the job site will have a lot of equipment and workers and will likely have part of the road closed off for an extended period of time.   With a prefabricated shelter, the shelter can be lifted off the truck and installed in practically no time.  This method saves days of installation and traffic on what is likely going to be a high traffic area.  

If you have any questions about how Panel Built can help with your next modular construction project, give us a call at  800-636-3873, send us an email to info@panelbuilt.com, or you can simply ask us in our LiveChat feature at the bottom-right of the page.  We are always more than happy to help with any inquiries or questions that you may have.  Thank you!