Why Choose Preassembled Modular Offices?


pre-assembled buildingAt Panel Built, we understand that time is of the essence and a luxury that many companies are not able to afford; thus, we offer turnkey solutions that can be installed with little to no downtime. Because our buildings come preassembled and are ready to be shipped to your location and facility that means there is no construction mess at your site. Our steel base is forkliftable and the pre-assembled frame means we can relocate it and install it with ease. The pre-assembled modular office are suitable solutions for industrial, commercial, or military applications that necessitate an immediate use of space. Modular and in plant offices are eco-friendly as well; their parts can be disassembled, refurbished, and reused multiple times so that there is not as waste of material or over production of carbon emissions. Because an approximate sixty to ninety percent of all pre-fabricated construction of modular buildings is completed in the factory, it means that excess materials and inventory can be proficiently managed and recycled. Furthermore, due to the pre-fabrication and assembly in a controlled environment away from uncontrollable weather the potential for moisture to be trapped in the materials decreases significantly. With this decrease, there is less of a chance of mold and mildew to grow or other warped materials to need replacing.

Applications of pre-assembled building

  • * Guard Shack
  • * Attendant Booths
  • * Ticket booth
  • * Machine Storage
  • * Onsite Consultant Space
  • * Exterior Offices
  • * Sub-Station Enclosures

What are the Features and Benefits of In-Plant Offices?

  • * Modular office builds are easy to order and come with no on-site construction
  • * Pre-assembled at our factory and shipped directly to you
  • * They can be lifted and re-located via a forklift or crane
  • * Offices are offered in a variety of sizes and surface treatments
  • * They are custom built to your specifications and specific applications
  • * Office come insulated and weatherproof and include HVAC systems
  • * Available in shed, gable, and standing seam roof

What are the Standard Options for a Modular Building?

Our pre-assembled buildings come standard with the following:
  • * 26 gauge stucco-embossed steel faced panels
  • * R – 11 poly-styrene insulation in panels
  • * Powder coated or galvanized diamond plate flooring
  • * Wall hung HVAC package unit
  • * 3-0 x 7-0 door with ½ glass
  • * Picture and/or sliding glass window
We do offer many more options, upon your request.

One-Hour Fire Rated Modular Office System Challenge

Preassembled Modular or In-Plant OfficesWe had a challenge to undertake; our mission was to design and construct four one-hour fire rated modular office building systems that would ultimately maximum the available work space, while still preserving valuable floor space in base hangers used by the Air Force. The requirements were that the structure had to be weathertight, placed on uneven flooring, and capable of withstanding fifty mile per hour wind gusts. For a frame of time, we have to have the systems in place to meet the Air Force’s tight time constraints for construction. Our solution began with us meeting with Air Force personnel to understand their goals and special needs and requirements for this project. With seven building options submitted, and a few modifications later, we developed a three-story in-plant office that was able to meet all their specific requirements. We delivered our solution and provided the Air Force with stamped and engineered drawn plans; the first system was in place within six weeks, and this included the demolition of a prior existing structure and the pouring a fresh concrete for a base for the structure. The specs of the project are as follows: A three-story in plant office system measuring 24’x38’ x 31’4” high, with an HVAC sprinkler system and fire alarm. The IBC stair system contained three landings and was coated in a custom powder coat.

Why Choose Panel Built?

Brother Pat and Mike Kiernan founded Panel Built in1995; all of our multiple product lines are built on site, which lessens the mess and burden on the construction site of the arriving facility. For superior quality, dependable services, and innovative solutions for your office system needs, check out Panel Built, as we are the best choice. Our pre-assembled in-plant office are the superior choice for many of your commercial, industrial, and event needs. Our building systems come in a variety of panel finishes, and we can flex to meet your requirements for acoustics, R-factors, chemical resistance, and aesthetic purposes. Our panels are constructed out of pre-coated aluminum, which are resistant to abrasion and are cleaned easily. If you are looking for low maintenance, our vinyl covered gypsum panels can be made with powder-coated binder posts for a seamless appearance. All our buildings are reusable, re-locatable, and can be expanded in their design. Installation is made easy due to the pre-fabricated design so there is minimal disruption within your facility when the in plant office is being installed.