Why Choosing a Modular Office Building is Great for Any Business


Modular (or “prefabricated”) office buildings are structures that are made up of several box-shaped sections made in a facility and then transported to their intended location to be put together. The preconstructed modules are placed side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked on top of one another to creative multiple stories and making up a single structure. Modular structures can be used both temporarily  and permanently and may serve as any number of buildings, including offices, classrooms, industrial facilities, and residences. Many businesses can benefit from a modular office building for sale due to their flexibility, price, and convenience, all of which are factors that make modular offices a leading contender in the construction market. Modular building has been around since the early 20th century; Sears Roebuck Co. sold many of the earliest prefabricated homes, ranging in price from $700 to $4000 and coming in 44 different styles as listed in the Sears catalog. Though modular buildings suffered during the economic downturn of the Great Depression, they became substantially more popular around the end of World War II, meeting America’s need for inexpensive and efficient housing options. From the late 1950s and onwards, modular buildings began to be used in the construction of schools, businesses, medical facilities, and more. Erected quickly, efficiently, and cheaply, modular structures proved a sensible option for nearly any kind of building needed, and the sight of a modular office building for sale quickly became commonplace.

They’re Multi-Purpose

Today’s modular office structures are far more sophisticated and flexible than module buildings of decades past. With modern improvements in technology and construction, modular structures now are much larger and more complex than their counterparts of the past. The unmatchable functionality, convenience, and low cost of modular building indicate that its success will continue to grow in the future. Now with unlimited customization and design options, modular buildings can serve almost any purpose and will benefit any growing business looking to expand or open new offices. Although modular buildings initially only served as residences, modular construction has since become increasingly popular for business purposes due to its low cost, environmental benefits, efficiency, and convenience. The skyrocketing success of prefabrication in construction is due in part to the sophistication and high-quality that makes modern construction evident in any modular office building for sale. These qualities continue to develop and improve as time goes on, steadily closing the popularity gap between site-built office buildings and prefabricated structures. With endless designs to choose from, today’s models include state-of-the-art technology and are good for the environment. A modular office building for sale can serve almost any purpose imaginable, thanks to the convenience and efficiency now offered by modern construction.

They’re Good for Business and the Environment

The modular offices of today are clean, comfortable, and well-lit, serving as ideal workspaces, break rooms, storage areas, and more. Construction, maintenance, and ease of use for modular offices are far more efficient and energy-efficient than that of traditional structures, and tend to be more environmentally friendly as well. Additional units and stories can be added at any time, also easing the difficulty of expansion or addition. Any modular office building for sale can be outfitted with handicap-accessible additions, stairs, ramps, appliances, and more. Because they are created indoors in a factory, they offer the additional benefit of being cleaner and safer for people. Traditional construction outdoors always presents the potential risks of mold, mildew, rust, and water and sun damage. These issues can present respiratory difficulties and other health issues in humans, but are far less likely to occur in factory-built structures such as a modular office building for sale.

They’re Low-Cost

Any modular office building for sale offers many potential benefits to businesses looking to open or expand a facility. The price of modular buildings offers an average of 25 to 50 percent savings over office buildings that are constructed traditionally and can be built in half the time. Because construction and assembly are much faster and cheaper for modules, this makes it an inexpensive option with very few drawbacks, allowing a business to create additional office space that is ready much sooner and costs far less. Businesses looking to save money in the long-term and recoup the costs of expansion can doubly benefit from buying a modular office building for sale. Additionally, the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 created an extremely rewarding clause for businesses that decide to purchase a prefabricated building. Bonus depreciation within the first year was pushed to 100 percent by this act, meaning that the cost of a modular building purchased through a business for use by that business is recoverable within one year. This as well as the other inherent benefits of purchasing a modular office building for sale are quickly beginning to drive traditional construction out of the market.