Why Would You Need a Ballistic Guard Booth?


ballistic boothIf you are on the lookout for a blast resistant guard shack for sale, check us, Panel Built, out for our blast resistant guard shack prices.  The price of safety for your personnel and your equipment should not come with a price tag, but we understand that price will always play a factor in what you purchase. One thing we recommend when browsing for a new modular building to serve as your security center is that you weigh the option of having the top of the line products and the ability to transport your guard shack without having to purchase a new one. The blast resistant guard shack cost is reasonable when you factor in all the benefits and features our customers obtain by purchasing one of our welded modular buildings. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates, but it really is not a competition when you factor in our superior quality of prefabricated guard shacks in comparison to our competition. Our guard booths are appropriately suitable for commercial, military, and industrial usage and utilization. Our designs are highly functional and use set aside space to our advantage when creating them, but even more so our materials of top notch and durable so they can withstand years of wear and tear as well as hold up to environments of extreme stress. At Panel Built, we can customize your guard booth with an array of security special features in order to keep your security officers and other personnel safe as well as in comfort. Our enhanced ballistic construction options are also qualified and established to be involved in areas that are labelled as hi-risk. Some of the features our modular guard booths include:
  • The ability to relocate them as wanted or needed, since they are fork/crane liftable
  • PA, Security Systems, and Lightening Protection.
  • Roof tops come in three styles: gable, shed, or hip roof.
  • Come in a variety of sizes – because we believe one size truly does not fit all needs
  • Can be painted a custom color to fit your needs
  • Weather proof and insulated
  • Come with HVAC Systems
All of our prefabricated ballistic rated modular buildings cover all UL and NIJ levels of ballistic protection.

What are you going to use your ballistic booth for?

General searches for cheap modular guard shacks will reveal a ton of hits online; but it is more important to understand what you are purchasing at that “reasonably” low price. Is the quality of their materials substandard or superior? Is there on-site construction or do they come prefabricated and ready for installation and usage? What will be the main purpose of your ballistic booth? The answer to that question will help you determine which type of security booth is really your best option. Let us help you there.

Why Choose Panel Built?

affordable ballistic guard shacksWhen you place a welded guard shack on a loading dock, you are ultimately lessening the likelihood of someone attempting to steal your equipment or products. By adding a security niche to your loading dock, there can be constant surveillance of the area, thus reducing theft and safety concerns at the same time. If security and protection are one of your top priorities why would you settle for cheaply made and hardly secure when you can get a great ballistic modular building at a competitive price and one that will last you decades as opposed to a few years? With our years of experience in the construction industry, we pay close attention to the details you need. Our ability to be flexible takes the gold when it comes to creating the perfect combination of secure and strong holding modular buildings as well as a budget that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Because our booths are prefabricated in our facility the damage to them due to weather conditions on the job site are nonexistent. So your booth will arrive free from any damage already in place in the materials, which would make them weaker and less likely to hold up after a few years of being implanted in a stressful environment where they are consistently used. Prefabrication allows us to ship out your customized guard booth quickly and have it to you in just a few days. Our booths are easy to transport and set up without days or weeks of on-site construction, so you do not have to deal with the mess that comes along with it. You deserve to have security options that are as flexible as the world around you. In an ever changing environment, one need can change from day to day so with our top quality, superior, and affordable ballistic guard shacks you can put your mind at east knowing your facility and employees are safe and secure.