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49' x 24' Custom Office System

GXO Direct, a logistics company, urgently needed to expand its office space rapidly within the constraints of its existing wall design. Panel Built designed a custom office to not only fit within the unique space, but also to allow for future growth.

16' x 37' Welded Substation Enclosure

Raytheon Technologies needed a transformer to be enclosed and protected against the specific weather conditions in Guam. Find out how Panel Built solved that problem in our December Project of the Month Case Study.   

Custom 11' x 45' In-Plant Office on Mezzanine

Panel Built's October Project of the Month features a customized 11' x 45' In-Plant Office on a mezzanine for Florida Crystals Food Corporation. This innovative workspace boasts 9-foot interior walls, energy-efficient roofing, robust security, a comprehensive electrical package, and sturdy mezzanine structure. Safety standards are met with durable handrails and powder-coated components, delivering a secure and efficient workspace that exceeds industry standards.

Custom Guard Booth for Chick-Fil-A

Panel Built met the challenge by designing and constructing a custom 4' x 6' Guard Booth for Chick-fil-A, featuring robust Class A exterior walls, a stucco-embossed aluminum roof, secure 20-gauge insulated steel door, a comprehensive electrical package, and a durable steel flooring, showcasing the company's dedication to delivering innovative and highly functional solutions.

Custom Catwalk Design for ARCO Design/Build

Panel Built's custom-designed catwalk for ARCO Design/Builds, a testament to our ability to tailor solutions for durability, safety, and efficiency.

Georgia World Congress Center Canopy

The Georgia World Congress Center needed to replace an existing canopy, covering the entrance to their registration hall at GWCC Building B. As the most commonly used entrance for the facility, the new structure was designed to have clear and opaque polycarbonate panels, allowing natural lighting and versatile lighting controls to change colors. 

All Black Mezzanine for Car Dealership

Panel Built needed to bring additional storage space for the maintenance area in a large car dealership...

Summit Station Mezzanine Installed on Greenland's Ice Sheet

Located near the apex of the Greenland ice sheet, National Science Foundation’s Greenland Summit Station needed...

Large Mezzanine as a Work Platform for Lockheed Martin

To create a safe and efficient work platform around the C-5 cargo plane that would remove the need for numerous lifts during a major overhaul...

Mezzanine Office with Unique Purpose

A temperature-controlled operator inspection cabin that would make it easy for around-the-clock inspectors to check steel sheeting for imperfections with minimal disruption to the line...