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Prefabricated Access Stairs with Custom Designs

Panel Built, Inc. is a prefabricated provider of steel access stair systems. With all of the components of the system fabricated in one of our modular construction facilities, we take great care to ensure the stair system's design is perfect & double-checked from the get-go.  This way when the access stair system is delivered to the project site, it can easily be bolted-together, based upon our provided drawings. We are able to design each project to meet your specific access stairs needs.

Access Stairs for IBC & OSHA Code Compliance

Panel Built's prefabricated steel stair systems can be found everywhere from hospitals to warehouses to military bases. That is because each of our stair systems is uniquely designed to meet the customer's requirements as far as layout, design, and aesthetic. Depending on your project, your stair system may need to be designed to meet particular building and safety codes. With Panel Built's custom access stair system design, we can ensure your stairs meet your project's exact requirements. In some cases, access stairs will be required to meet standards even more stringent than IBC & OSHA codes require. In these cases, Panel Built offers custom railing, pickets, risers, and more. If your stair project has specific requirements, just let us know, and we will do our best to design a structure to meet your needs.

Powder Coated or Galvanized for Exterior Applications

With Panel Built's stair assemblies utilizing steel construction, our systems are able to withstand the toughest environments and meet the most strict standards. Our stair systems can be used for both interior and exterior applications. For our exterior steel stairs, Panel Built uses either galvanized dipped steel or exterior rated powder coat to protect the stair systems.

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