Baseball Dugouts | Modular Dugouts

Prefabricated Baseball Dugouts Delivered Directly To Your Field    

Panel Built's Modular Baseball Dugouts can be designed and manufactured in a variety of different styles, layouts, and dimensions.  Panel Built's enclosed modular dugout is a three-walled building and an overhanging roof to keep the players out of the elements.  Enclosed modular dugouts can be formed from either our welded steel-framed design or from our panelized wall system.  These assemblies can be delivered to the project site fully assembled and ready for installation.

Open & Enclosed Modular Dugout Designs

For those in search of an open-style dugout, Panel Built offers a dugout canopy.  This system utilizes a series of columns to support our roof system. Like our enclosed design, our open dugout canopies offer shelter from inclement weather and provide much-needed shade during the hot summer games.

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