Prefabricated Shelters | Prefab Bus Shelters

Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Prefabricated Shelters 

Panel Built, Inc.'s prefabricated bus and smoking shelters are steel structures that are 100% designed to customer specifications. With all of the shelter's fabrication taking place in our US manufacturing facility, the shelters are shipped to the site with only an easy installation left before it's ready to go. 

Wide Range of Shelter Applications and Designs

With all the applications prefabricated shelters have, there a number of design variations that fit each application. Panel Built’s bus shelters offer incredible customization and are manufactured 100% to customer specification. Our prefabricated shelters can be designed to fit city environment around it. 

For example , our bus shelters offer a full 360-degree view with no blind spots. This increased visibility allows pedestrians to see when buses are arriving, or allows for increased awareness at night. However, the Pay-on-Foot shelter would be much smaller, and might not have windows at all to protect your privacy while you are paying for your parking. It all depends on the application. 

Prefab Shelter Manufacturing & Installation

 To provide the best service possible, Panel Built offers full service shelter solutions, designing, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and installing the your structure.  Minimal work is required after shipment, making the project as convenient as possible for you. 

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