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Cashier Booths Fully Customized to Fit Your Needs

Panel Built's Prefabricated Cashier Booths can be customized to fit your facility's specific needs.  Some of our most common features include transaction windows (both standard and sliding glass options are available), mounted stainless steel countertops, and more!  Cashier booths come in custom sizes and dimensions to house one or multiple employees at a time.  The buildings can be designed to fit into your surrounding architecture. 

Delivered to Your Facility Quickly and Affordably

As a modular construction company with nearly 25 years experience in the industry, these prefabricated booths have become our specialty. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent quality to our customers, and we aim to do so at a reasonable price and within your time frame. With our cashier booths fully fabricated in one of our modular construction facilities, it can be delivered to your site fully assembled and ready to be put to use. The building will arrive at your facility on a flatbed truck, from there, the building only needs to be off-loaded, anchored into place, and hooked up to an electrical supply, and it is ready to go!

Panel Built Cashier Booths Meet State & Local Building Codes

Panel Built has completed modular construction projects in all 50 United States and internationally. We have the experience and know-how to design your cashier booth to meet your area's building codes, no matter how strict and stringent they may be.  Panel Built can also design the booth to be in compliance with ADA, including restrooms if needed.  

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