Metal Crossovers | Industrial Crossover

Panel Built’s Crossovers can be used to for a number of different purposes inside a manufacturing or warehouse facility. The main need for these are to help provide an area for managing and overseeing a facility. Similar to our inplant office on a mezzanine, Mezzanine crossovers can be an integral part of warehouse and factory safety. If used correctly, they can provide you with a perfect view and angle of the floor, and allows you to seamlessly enforce safety protocols.
However, these Crossovers can also be used to link different structure and mezzanines and offices together. These links can provide employees with a safe path above the busy warehouse floor, or they can be used to transport equipment and inventory from platform to platform, avoiding lots of other traffic. In a sense, this traffic avoidance can be seen as another safety benefit of crossovers. They can almost be considered an overpass, leaving the busy highway (warehouse floor) below it.


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