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Prefabricated, Yet Custom Factory Office Designs

Although our panelized, factory offices are prefabricated in our modular construction facilities, each project is designed 100% to customer's specifications and layouts. Our main goal is to ensure your new factory office space fits your specific facility's needs.

To accomplish this, we can equip our Modular Officeswith custom panel options, added sound dampening for loud facilities, higher R-Values to better control temperatures, or higher fire ratings for facilities that require one-hour or non-combustible panels.

However, we do also offer Quick Ship Office versions of our factory offices with all standard components for facilities that are in need of office solutions as quickly as possible.

Fast & Convenient Factory Office Installation

Panel Built factory office can be delivered to your facility in two ways, 'knock-down' or pre-assembled. For our knock-down offices, the pre-cut building components are delivered to your facility ready to be assembled on the factory. The pre-assembled factory offices are already fully constructed, only needing to be off-loaded from the flatbed truck, set into place, and hooked up to a power supply.

In both scenarios, a modular factory office offers one of the quickest and most convenient ways to introduce new office space into your facility. As a semi-permanent office solution, our factory offices may be relocated, disassembled, or reconfigured, giving your facility greater space flexibility in the future.

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