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ASTM Certified 1 Hour Fire Rated Wall Panels & More!
Panel Built has installed numerous One Hour systems throughout the country. Both military and commercial customers come to Panel Built for their laboratory tested ASTM certified One-Hour Fire Resistant wall panel system. This specially designed fire resistant wall panel is composed of 5/8” Fire-Shield gypsum board with a mineral wool insulated core and held in place with 26 gauge galvanized steel studs. 20 gauge steel channel is used to secure the wall panels and an optional steel skin may cover encase both sides of the panel.

Tested by a certified independent laboratory, Panel Built’s One Hour panel has “ successfully met the conditions of acceptance as outlined in ASTM Method E119-00a Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials for a fire endurance rating of 60 minutes.”

Where a One Hour Fire Rated Wall is not required, but Class A does not suffice, Panel Built has developed a “hybrid” panel. For more information, please contact your Panel Built representative.

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One Hour Fire Rated Panels have a mineral wool core covered by mechanically fastened type-x gypsum board to steel studs. It can be covered with the sheeting of your choice. Panel is tested by blasting with a flame for one hour followed by a blasting from a fire hose. The wall must then remain intact.