Modular Grow Rooms | Prefabricated Grow Rooms

Creating Commercial Grow Room Environments

With the regulations on the commercial cultivation rising, Grow Rooms can have very strict standards for operation. The indoor environment that one of our modular cleanroom systems offers is a perfect fit. They offer a clean environment free from harvest-damaging pests and other airborne contaminators. With our system, you can completely control the conditions of the room, offering a consistent, substantial product every time. Areas important to the plant growth like lighting, room temperature, humidity, and air quality can all be regulated in order to achieve maximum yields. If a cleanroom environment isn't required for your room, Panel Built's traditional design can be adapted to suit your needs. Each of our projects are custom designed and engineered to fit your project's specific needs.  

Established Modular Construction Excellence

Proven in the most stringent sectors like military, pharmaceuticals, laboratory testing, and electronics manufacturing, our panelized wall systems have proven to be a quick, durable solution for even the most sensitive commercial cultivation environments. Utilizing our binder-post system, your modular grow room can be easily erected in nearly any facility type and provide you with a variety of customized spaces. The grow rooms can be subdivided into flowering, vegetative, and drying areas with varying degrees of precision air quality, based on your needs.

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