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Panel Built designs, engineers and manufactures guard towers with the added quality control, cost savings and time advantage of modular construction.  The cabin that sits atop the tower is delivered pre-assembled (depending on size), and can be crane lifted and mounted into place. Although prefabricated, Panel Built can provide highly custom tower designs with custom tower heights, cabin sizes/layouts, and even building materials/style.  Working with the United States military, BOP, and law enforcement, Panel Built has developed Ballistic Rated tower systems, built to UL-752, NIJ, & STANAG bullet resistance levels. 

Great For New and Existing Facilities

Our prefabricated design make Panel Built tower systems a popular choice for existing facilities, looking to replace or add a guard tower to their prison or penitentiary. With our fast installation time, our prefabricated system can be installed into a facility with minimal on-site disruption compared to stick-built.   However, our wide manufacturing capabilities makes our product a great fit for new facilities currently in the planning phase.  Panel Built offers custom color options and exterior aesthetics to match the surrounding environment. 

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