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Inplant Offices Available for All Project Sizes

When it comes to inplant office projects, Panel Built, Inc. handles projects of all types. From economical inplant offices to multistory complexes, Panel Built can design, engineer, manufacture, ship, and install your new building, ensuring your project is always in the hands of the best professionals in the business.  With our panelized design, Panel Built can offer fully custom layouts and configurations to best fit your facility's needs. 

Inplant Offices Are A Fast & Efficient Way To Add Space

Panel Built utilizes a composite sandwich wall panel to fit many different inplant applications. The prefabricated systems allow for fast, easy installation without compromising quality, durability or efficiency. Modular construction is a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. Further, Panel Built can form your system with added sound dampening, R-Value (insulation), and fire rated characteristics. 

Inplant Offices In Fully Customizable Layouts & Designs

Choose from unlimited layout possibilities using freestanding four-wall designs, two and three wall systems or utilizing existing walls to save you time and money. Standard gypsum or steel walls are available or choose from our non-standard modular wall systems. We also offer quick-ship offices, and multistory modular offices to fit any of your project requirements.

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Why Should You "Go Modular" with Your Inplant Office Project? 

Our panelized office buildings are a highly flexible solution for your commercial or industrial office project.  Our buildings are expandable, moveable, and relocatable, allowing you to adapt your space as your company grows. 

Create The Office Space that Best Fits Your Facility's Needs

  Inplant Wall Panel Compositions For Any Environment

Each facility is different and each requires their own unique modular office wall requirements.   Panel Built In-Plant Buildings can be formed from a variety of different wall facings, substrates, and insulative cores to provide a calm, and comfortable office environment.  

  Wide Range of Wall Facings To Match Existing Aesthetic

Our standard inplant office wall come with a vinyl covered gypsum finish in white or grey.  However, custom colors and wall facing options are always available to help your new inplant space seamlessly blend into your facility's existing environment.  Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), aluminum, smooth steel, and more options are available to give your building the appropriate durability and aesthetics for your facility. 

Two Story Inplant Office

Over 25 Years of Modular Building Excellence

Founded in 1995, Panel Built, Inc. has operated in the modular construction industry for over 25 years, completing thousands of jobs all across the United States and internationally.  Our in-plant buildings have been installed into military bases, Fortune 500 companies, school systems, manufacturing facilities, power plants, and more!  With our years of experience and proven track record, Panel Built will ensure your next project is a success!

Quick Shipping Office Solutions 

Panel Built strives to meet all of our customers' needs, including those who need new commercial office space fast.  For these customers, Panel Built has developed a line of Quick Ship Modular Offices to solve their space needs as quickly as possible.  Panel Built Quick Shipping Inplant Offices range from 8'x8' to 20'x40' in increments of 2'.  If you need office space in a flash, let us know! We pride ourselves on our quick quote and fast lead times!

In-plant Buildings For Practically Any Commercial & Industrial Application

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