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Modular Isolation Rooms Are A Fast Containment Solution

Modular Isolation Rooms are environments that are specially designed to help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens and viruses. Using Panel Built's proven modular construction design, these isolation rooms are prefabricated in our facility then shipped to the project site for quick assembly. Formed from our modular wall panel systems, Panel Built isolation rooms are offered in fully custom layouts and configurations for your facility's specific isolation room needs. With the wall panels manufactured at our facility, there is much less waste and debris during installation, keeping on-site disruption at a minimum.

Negative Pressure Helps Keep Infectious Agents Contained

The main focus of Modular Isolation Rooms is to create a negative pressure environment to contain pathogens in one environment. In this case, the isolation room should have a lower pressure than the surrounding rooms, keeping airborne particles from flowing outward.  Used in combination with the proper gloves, gown-wear, and handwashing, isolation rooms provide medical facilities with a controlled space to treat contagious patients, while mitigating the risk of others. 
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Isolation Rooms Are Similar in Design to Our Cleanrooms

As a proven manufacturer of Modular Cleanrooms for pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory environments, Panel Built, Inc. is accustomed to the intricacies of their design. And Modular Isolation Rooms operate in a very similar fashion. Like our cleanrooms, isolation rooms include special HEPA Filtration and UV lighting in order to constantly filter out the contaminants out of the room's air supply with a high rate of air exchange.  

The primary difference between cleanrooms and isolation rooms are that cleanrooms focus on keeping particles out of the room, while isolation rooms focus on keeping particles from escaping the room.

Why Go "Modular" with your Isolation Room Project? 

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