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Prefabricated, Yet Customizable Parking Booths

While Panel Built's parking booths are prefabricated in our modular construction factory, we can construct them completely to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a simple solution that's more "off the shelf" or you have a full spec package, layout, and aesthetic you want to match, we will ensure your booth fits your needs. If you are not fully sure what you need out of your parking booth, we can help you design a building that works for you.

Parking Booth Installation Nationwide

At Panel Built, we deliver our parking booths pre-assembled to your job site. Once delivered, the building is ready to be unloaded, unpackaged, and anchored into place. With our prefab design, most parking booths can be ready to operate as soon as possible, allowing you to start earning the return on your investment faster! We strive to ensure your project is as simple and convenient as possible.

Meet Local, State, and National Codes & Compliances

Panel Built, Inc. has completed modular construction projects in all 50 states and internationally. Since codes and regulations can vary from place to place, it is best to ensure you are working with a parking booth fabricator with experience meeting regulations across the United States. We have assembled booths to all sorts of regulations from ADA to heavy wind codes to military rated ballistic buildings.  

Interior & Exterior Parking Booth Designs

Panel Built parking booths can be designed for both interior and exterior environments. If the structure is going into a covered area with no threat of water leakage or rain, the booth can be constructed using our modular office design. The main difference between our interior and exterior options here is the roof design. For our exterior parking booths, the roof is constructed of roof panels that are caulked and sealed for weatherproofing. If the booth will be inside a parking deck, we can build the roof our of our B-decking roof system, lowering the overall cost of the project.

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