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Fully Custom Prefabricated Scale House Designs

Panel Built's Prefabricated Scale Houses can be 100% designed to customer specifications.  With our custom design, the scale houses can be designed for a variety of different vehicle sizes, from truck weigh station buildings to standard car sizes like a toll booth.  Our prefab buildings can be equipped with a variety of different features including metal hip roofs, faux-rock & faux-brick siding, custom roof overhangs, and more!  If you provide us with a specific layout and specifications for your project, we will do whatever we can to adapt our system to meet your needs.

Built to Meet Local and State Codes & Compliances

Having over 25 years experience in the modular construction industry and projects in all 50 United States, Panel Built has experience fabricating modular buildings to meet even the most stringent state and local codes. Panel Built Scale Houses can be designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliances.  

Scale House Manufacturing & Installation

Panel Built, Inc. can assist with every phase of your scale house project.  We manufacture the wall panels in our own modular construction facility.  No matter how intricate, Panel Built is dedicated to working with you every step of the way to ensure the scale house we provide fits your needs perfectly.

Fast Lead Times & Minimal On-Site Disruption

Panel Built scale houses can be delivered to the job site pre-assembled and ready for fast installation.  For larger projects or places where a pre-assembled building is not feasible, we can provide our buildings in a "knocked down" form.  In this scenario, the entire building materials will be pre-cute, packaged, and shipped to the job site for quick install.  Additionally, the larger building can be shipped in pre-assembled sections (sized for convenient, affordable freight rates), where they can be easily connected on site. 

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