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Commercial & Industrial Converted Shipping Containers

As a modular construction provider, Panel Built, Inc. serves a wide range of industries, providing buildings for military, industrial, commercial, and government customers . Panel Built can serve this range of customers because of our ability to adapt our shipping containers with a variety of different layouts, furnishings, windows, doors, etc. This offers a high flexibility in the applications for which the buildings can be used. Concession stands, mini-storefronts, mobile clinics, portable offices, storage buildings, and much more can be formed using our converted shipping containers.

Shipping Container Conversions Offer Exceptional Strength & Durability

As you can imagine, shipping containers are required to have a heavy-duty & durable steel exterior in order to withstand the harsh environments, and handling it will ensure during transport. Because of this, our converted shipping container buildings are able to utilize this exceptional strength to fabricate and provide a long-lasting building product. Panel Built shipping container conversions are designed to be highly weather-resistant and capable of enduring a wide range of environments.

Offered with a Variety of Paints, Finishes, & Fixtures

To fit your aesthetics, Panel Built offers a wide range of options and features for your specific shipping container conversion project. We can design each layout 100% to customer specifications. We are always finding new ways to adapt our system and incorporate new, exciting options into the design. This can include interior fixtures like countertops, cabinets, seating, plumbing, interior walls, etc. and exterior options like access control systems, security cameras, floodlights, and more!

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