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Fast & Convenient Shipping Office Solutions

Panel Built's line of panelized, modular office creates one of the fastest and most convenient ways to create a new shipping office in your facility. Although our modular shipping offices are prefabricated in one of our specialized modular construction facilities, each building is designed specifically to fit your project's specific needs. Custom layouts, sizes, colors, wall facings, and more are available to best fit your environment.

Custom Shipping Office Designs To Fit Your Need
Panel Built can deliver your building pre-assembled or "knock down." Pre-assembled shipping offices are shipped to the facility ready for use, fully put together and pre-wired for electrical. Our Knock Down version is sent to the site as a kit, to be assembled on site. This can be helpful for projects that would be too large to fit on a standard flatbed truck. For special environments, Panel Built can outfit the shipping office with special attributes like high sound dampening for loud environments, increased R-Value (insulation) to lower HVAC costs, or extended fire rating (non-combustible and/or one-hour fire-rated panels) for facilities with a higher fire risk.

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