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Solar Powered Booths: The Perfect Solution for Remote Areas

Panel Built's new Solar Powered Booths provide a fantastic solution for customers looking to add space in remote and desolate areas. With the roof-mounted solar panels and internal battery system, the booths offer a greener way to provide power to our buildings in hard to reach areas. The Solar Booths can be configured with one to four roof-mounted solar panels, depending on the energy requirements of the customer and booth. The solar booths can still be hooked up to an auxiliary power if needed.

Solar Booths Can Help Save Money in the Long Run

Although Panel Built's Solar Booths will have a higher initial cost compared to our standard security booths, customers will eventually see that Solar Booths can help them save money on the booth later down the road. Initially, when the booth is installed at the project site, the solar booth is actually much less expensive to properly set up because the building does not need an electrician hired to run power to it. And, of course, the biggest benefit is the upkeep cost month to month is practically zero!

Solar Booth Components are Integrated into our Standard Design

For our new line of Solar Booths, Panel Built has been able to integrate all the necessary solar components into our standard guard booth design. This means the buildings will still have reasonable lead times and price tags. However, it also means the buildings are still 100% customizable to fit your specific solar booth needs. Just let us know what you're going to need in your Solar Powered Booth, and we will adapt our system to meet your requirements!

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